Everything you need to know about the new Lada Largus 2021 - latest news
Everything you need to know about the new Lada Largus 2021 - latest news

The AvtoVAZ company carried out a relatively large-scale modernization of the Lada Largus, reworking the front part of the body and the interior. At the same time, the manufacturer made changes to the list of onboard equipment. However, Largus has remained largely the same. The wagon will undergo larger-scale changes over the next 2-4 years.

Actual model

Despite the fact that there is a lot of time left until the appearance of the new Largus, you can already imagine how the Russian model will look like. This opportunity is provided by the Dacia Jogger station wagon, which debuted in early September. The Romanian model, based on the CMF-B platform, should be the prototype for the future Largus.

New Dacia Jogger

If we take this assumption into account, it turns out that within the framework of the generational change, the Russian station wagon will also undergo cosmetic changes rather. However, the car after such a modernization will become more manageable and stable. This will happen thanks to the transition to the CMF-B platform. It is also possible the appearance on the new Largus of a hybrid installation based on a 1, 8-liter engine and two electric motors. A Jogger with such a unit should enter the market by 2023.


Until the generational change of the Russian station wagon took place, the AvtoVAZ company presented specialized versions of the Largus. At the COMMTRANS exhibition held in Moscow, a car with a two-seater landing debuted, the rear part of the body of which was replaced by a cargo and isothermal van or a refrigerator, depending on the modification (photo: lada.ru). At the same time, the engineers increased the overhangs by 370 mm.

New versions of Lada Largus

The Largus-based cargo van is complemented by a plastic roof. The version with an isothermal body is capable of maintaining a given temperature regime for an extended period of time, and its carrying capacity reaches 900 kilograms. The refrigerator is combined with a refrigeration unit. But with such a Largus, the carrying capacity is reduced to 750 kilograms.

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