Porsche has shown a model similar to the Lada Samara. Official photos released
Porsche has shown a model similar to the Lada Samara. Official photos released

The famous German brand Porsche posted on social networks a sketch of a model that at one time could have rolled off the assembly line of the Russian AvtoVAZ. We are talking about a Lada car, the drawing of which was made back in 1975.


As the representatives of the German company indicated in the signature to this publication, it was planned that this particular model would turn out to be a real “people's” car (photo: porsche.museum). German specialists were to take part in the development of a promising Lada, and the car itself was planned to be equipped with a front-wheel drive system. As a result, the shown car was never put into production, and its place was successfully taken by Lada Samara for many years (it included models 2108, 2109, and also 21099).


If we talk about the model shown by the Germans, then, apparently, it should have belonged to the segment of compact station wagons or oversized hatchbacks. In the exterior, the main non-standard solution is the round head optics, which is made by analogy with those installed on the VAZ-2103 and 2106 models. Apparently, German developers advocated the unification of car production back in those days.


By the way, the Porsche specialists, in addition to the shown project, were close to cooperation with AvtoVAZ on other projects as well. So, in 1976, the company's engineers proposed an update for the VAZ-2103, as a result of which the car was supposed to lose chrome and a metal bumper, and instead get a new radiator grill, as well as a console in the car's interior.


Domestic representatives did not appreciate the offer from Porsche, since they were already ready to start production of the VAZ-2106 model, which was quite simple and cheap.

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