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Newest Volkswagen ID.3 - LED optics, 170 hp, 20-inch alloy, zero consumption and virtual "tidy"
Newest Volkswagen ID.3 - LED optics, 170 hp, 20-inch alloy, zero consumption and virtual "tidy"

A well-known concern from Germany presented to the public a new electric car - Volkswagen ID.3 2019, which is built on an innovative modular platform. This hatchback, belonging to the C class, is distinguished by comfort, unusual and stylish design and has the most modern equipment.


This model is designed on the new MEB modular electrical platform with an electric motor equipped on the rear axle. This arrangement made it possible to make the car compact (its length is about 4.1 meters).

Also, the advantage of the location of the engine in the rear is the large turn of the front wheels. Due to this, the turning circle of the car is almost one meter less than that of the VW Golf. It is known that Volkswagen is going to create more than twenty cars on this platform, among which there will be both crossovers and station wagons.

An electric motor developing up to 170 horsepower is responsible for the dynamics. Batteries with different capacities are offered for the car - 48, 55 or 62 kWh. If there is no need to make long trips, for example, to drive only within the city, then you can purchase a battery with the smallest capacity, while the cost of the car will be significantly lower.


The battery with the maximum capacity allows you to cover huge distances (up to 550 kilometers without recharging) and makes the car versatile in use. Batteries with low and medium capacity make it possible to travel 330 and 420 kilometers, respectively.

To charge Volkswagen ID.3 2019, special wall modules with a capacity of 11 kilowatts have been developed, which guarantee the restoration of the power supply in the battery to 100 percent in just 6-7 hours. And in just half an hour of charging, it will be possible to overcome about 250 km. You can easily charge at home or work.


The electric car has acquired a futuristic, effective and attractive appearance, thanks to which it will attract the eyes of strangers and stand out from other cars. It has a superb aerodynamic body with small overhangs and perimeter wheels.

Main characteristics of appearance:

  • the front part is decorated with LED-filled optical head units, which are interconnected by an LED bridge. Equipped with a compact hood, a windshield with a significant slope and a solid bumper, giving the appearance of sportiness and dynamism;
  • in profile, there are voluminous circular wheel arches that can accommodate 20-inch wheels. The support legs are equipped with heated mirrors with automatic folding function and electric drive. The roof is dome-shaped;
  • the neat stern is equipped with stylish shades of dimensional optics with LED filling, as well as a large spoiler and a well-profiled bumper. There is a small glass in the tailgate.

Volkswagen ID.3 2019 has a new body. The photo shows that no major mistakes were made during its assembly.


Inside, the car is spacious and can accommodate four adult passengers. The colors are chosen very competently, you cannot find fault with the fit either: there are no significant gaps or gaps. The interior elements are perfectly combined with each other, while there is nothing superfluous, except that the large number of electronic systems on the main console is a little surprising.

Finishing materials are of high quality, they are pleasant to the touch and add respectability to the interior. The driver's seat is well organized, a high seat with a wide range of adjustments is equipped, providing a good view of the road. The controls are intuitively understandable and are in close proximity to the driver, so there is no need to reach for them far.


Options and prices

The price of the Volkswagen ID.3 car in the basic configuration is approximately 2, 19 million rubles. The maximum version costs 1, 3 million rubles more.


  • even in the simplest modification, a completely virtual dashboard is provided;
  • installed the latest multimedia system with a large touchscreen color display, rear view camera and navigation system;
  • the climate control is responsible for maintaining the microclimate in the cabin, which allows the rear passengers to set the optimum temperature for themselves;
  • the multifunctional steering wheel is upholstered in leather, it has a comfortable grip and several control buttons for various car functions;
  • the developers have equipped the novelty with voice control, through which it is possible to turn on music and set the route of movement.

There are various electronic systems with which the driver can quickly stop the car in an emergency and cope with control on difficult road sections. Among them:

  • anti-lock braking system;
  • electronic stability control;
  • blind spot monitoring;
  • hill climbing assistant;
  • parking assistant and others.

You can find out more details about Volkswagen ID.3 2019, equipment and prices from an authorized dealer.

Test Drive


The model is characterized by linear, but rather aggressive acceleration. The electric motor at the start of the movement provides a significant push in the driver's back and has excellent traction up to 170 km / h, which is quite enough for driving both in the city and on the highway. Many people point to the machine's precise, lightweight and reliable handling. True, the steering wheel clearly lacks sensitivity, since when overcoming bends, the body begins to lurch noticeably to the side. The suspension is energy-intensive and guarantees a comfortable ride even on low-quality surfaces. Of course, you should not go off-road, it is unsuitable for this.

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