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Mercedes and Porsche never dreamed of this: 408 hp, "weaving" in 4.5 seconds, sensors, turbines, chrome and leather. Hybrid Kinetic H500
Mercedes and Porsche never dreamed of this: 408 hp, "weaving" in 4.5 seconds, sensors, turbines, chrome and leather. Hybrid Kinetic H500

The Hong Kong concern Hybrid Kinetic, together with designers from the Italian company Pininfarina, has created a new sedan, adding to the line of powerful and modern electric cars. The high-tech H500 features stunning design, state-of-the-art equipment and incredible levels of comfort. In the future, it may well compete with the famous American Tesla electric car. Below is a closer look at the 2019 Hybrid Kinetic H500.


This model is equipped with several electric motors, which together develop up to 408 horsepower. The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km in 4.5 seconds. Without recharging, it can cover up to a thousand kilometers. The maximum speed is 250 kilometers per hour.

The model is equipped with a special system for increasing the range, which includes a generator and a fuel motor that rotates it. The engines are powered by a battery bank, which in turn is recharged using a micro turbine generator. The car will appeal to those who are concerned with environmental issues, since it does not emit harmful substances into the environment.

The chassis is made of aluminum alloy, which helps to reduce the weight of the car. There is no other technical information at the moment. Presumably, this sedan will technically repeat the past projects of the Pininfarina company, for example, the HK GT with a hybrid power plant and a micro turbine generator.



The sedan looks impressive and attractive, but at the same time it is designed in a minimalist style. Outwardly, it bears some resemblance to the Maserati model, in which the "beak" is also lowered down, and the wheel arches tend upward. But there is no outright plagiarism - the car turned out to be original and dynamic. It combines clean forms and sophisticated elements, elegance and sportiness, and therefore will surely appeal to young buyers. The aerodynamic body of the four-door model is athletic, with flowing lines, harmonious details and perfect proportions.

The developers take pride in their elegant yet powerful car:

  • the front part is equipped with a radiator grille with ten curved fins, covered with chrome and the company logo placed in the center. Narrowed optical devices, similar to the eyes of a predatory animal, merge with the lattice. The aggressive bumper is complemented by fog lights and LED daytime running lights;
  • the profile features a graceful curve that runs through the swing doors. The windows have been trimmed with chrome, which emphasizes the tendency of the body lines downward. The door handles are recessed into the body. Large wheels with stylish alloy wheels add sportiness. The roofline extends far back and flows into a small tail - this configuration is today called a four-door coupe on the principle of models such as the Porsche Panamera and Mercedes-AMG 4. The visual expressiveness of the car profile is given by chrome accents in the window trims;
  • The stern sports narrow tail lights that merge through an illuminated lintel that runs across the entire tailgate. In the middle is the company logo.

Hybrid Kinetic H500 2019 received a new body. In the photo you can see that it is made at the highest level and does not have any flaws or defects.


The inner filling is just as impressive in appearance. The abundance of sensors, the complete absence of physical buttons and keys, and high-quality finishing materials are striking.

The developers aimed to create a high-tech interior and therefore equipped it with various touch screens and a fully digital instrument panel. Monitors can even be seen in door panels and enable the exchange of video, audio, and images.

Especially for rear passengers, displays were placed in the head restraints of the front seats. Passengers can also use the displays in the doors. The front panel is two-level. It houses the wide digital screen of the multimedia system, which provides rich color. It can be used to customize various systems and functions of the vehicle.

There is a dual-zone climate control system that helps to set the required temperature in the cabin. It can be controlled using two touchscreen displays for the front and rear row.


Front seats, sofa, steering wheel and doors are trimmed with expensive natural leather. Also, for decoration, durable plastic is used, which is resistant to mechanical stress and metal inserts that add elegance to the interior.

The front seats of the 2019 Kinetic Hybrid H500, divided by a center tunnel, received excellent support on the sides, both below and above. They boast a variety of electronic adjustments, soft filler, heating and a function that remembers positions. The seats have excellent lumbar support, and even after a long trip, the back will not hurt, and the driver will not feel uncomfortable.

Options and prices


The exact price of the Hybrid Kinetic H500 sedan is still unknown. But the car is predicted to cost at least 60 million rubles. By next year, the concern plans to launch mass production of the car and sell it in the American and Chinese markets, and then in Europe. The H500 version may well compete for leadership in its segment with the same cars from Germany. You can find out more details about Hybrid Kinetic H500 2019, configuration and prices from an authorized dealer.

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