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Is this the new Range Rover? No, it's much cooler: a turbine, LEDs, tablets, leather, sensors and climate. Geely Icon 2019
Is this the new Range Rover? No, it's much cooler: a turbine, LEDs, tablets, leather, sensors and climate. Geely Icon 2019

The new electric car Geely Icon 2019 impresses with its extraordinary exterior, comfortable interior and rich equipment. The developers were striving to make a real evolution in design. This crossover should mark a new stage in the development of the company and demonstrate how SUVs in the future will look like in the spirit of the digital age.


The presented model is constructed on the Compact Modula Architecture "trolley", developed in collaboration with the Swedish specialists from Volvo. The Volvo XC40 is based on this platform. The length of the car is 4350 millimeters, and the distance between the wheels is 2.6 meters.

Under the hood, the car has a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine running on gasoline with a force of 177 horses. This engine was also created by a Chinese company in collaboration with Volvo. It is characterized by reliability, low CO2 emissions and low fuel consumption both in the city and on the highway.

A hybrid version will also be available, the details of which are not yet many. It is only known that the crossover will receive a battery pack that can guarantee a power reserve of four hundred kilometers.

Drive exclusively to the front wheels. Whether the car will be equipped with an all-wheel drive system in the future remains unknown. The suspension is solid, however, it is not designed for frequent off-road travel. The car is positioned as an urban one. The head optics received an all-LED design.



According to the manufacturer, the car is made in an eight-bit style, that is, it looks technologically advanced and, at the same time, just like a new gadget. The model has a laconic, but at the same time the most original design, unlike that of other models of this brand. From any side, it captivates with sharp body lines, correct proportions and harmoniously combined elements. When creating the car, the designers tried to adhere to the style corresponding to the needs of the new generation of consumers.

Appearance features:

  • the front part has an unusual grille, which is located quite low and is made in the shape of a rectangle. Installed head optical devices in the form of two graceful "eights" and narrowed daytime running lights based on LEDs. A massive bumper and an air intake complements the amazing image of a car;
  • In profile, large swing doors, combined with repeating geometric accents, attract attention. There is no central counter, which is also surprising. There are stylish sidewall embossing for a sporty look and a sloping roofline. The roof is a large glass panel. Equipped with compact exterior mirrors with heating and self-folding function. The wheel arches are slightly protruding, and 17-inch alloy wheels with a bright pattern are placed inside them. Retractable handles are provided instead of conventional door handles;

  • the stern is equipped with a volumetric luggage compartment door with a small, strongly tilted glass and an exhaust pipe. Bright optics go to the tailgate and to the body. It is worth noting the presence of additional lights made in the form of an hourglass.

Gili Ikon 2019 received a completely new body, but the photo clearly shows that in some elements it resembles the British Range Rover.


In contrast to the rather rustic appearance, the inside of the car pleases with a whole complex of complex electronic mechanisms and other high-tech devices.

The developers did a good job on the interior design. They used quality materials - fabric, plastic, leather, and a lot of repeating decor in the form of geometric details. Almost all the main elements: steering wheel, door cards, gear selector, are finished with fabric. The fabric is durable, pleasant to the touch and goes well with the skin.

The steering wheel with three spokes is large enough and made in a sporty spirit, you can change its position in height and depth. It shows the controls for the infotainment system. The headrests of the front seats were equipped with two displays for the rear passengers.


The driver's seat with a wide cushion, a variety of adjustments and heating, guarantees a comfortable ride. The same can be said for the front passenger seat of the Gili Ikon 2019. There is a solid sofa in the back, albeit divided into two parts by a small overhang. It is designed for only two passengers, but it can comfortably accommodate people of large dimensions. In addition, there are many different pockets and compartments for storing small items.

The dashboard turned out to be extremely interesting and unique. It is also trimmed with a gray fabric, which makes the switched off appliances invisible. When the power is turned on, all the necessary information is shown through it. The center console seems to float in the air, it houses a wireless charger designed for smartphones.

Most of the center console is occupied by a touchscreen display of a modern multimedia complex, which allows you to customize various vehicle systems. There is a state-of-the-art multi-speaker audio system, dual-zone climate control and cruise control. The driver has a driving mode selection system and a button start function for the power unit. Of course, the car has also acquired many advanced electronic safety systems and airbags.


Options and prices

The exact price is currently unknown. Whether the model will be mass-produced is also unclear. It is possible that the crossover in question is intended simply to show the capabilities of the firm and the direction in which it is moving. If necessary, you can find out the configuration and prices about the Geely Iikon 2019 model from an authorized dealer.

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