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Richer than Maserati and much cooler Tesla: 800 hp, "weaving" in 2.9 seconds, chrome, sensors, leather, climate. Hybrid Kinetic H600
Richer than Maserati and much cooler Tesla: 800 hp, "weaving" in 2.9 seconds, chrome, sensors, leather, climate. Hybrid Kinetic H600

The Chinese concern Hybrid Kinetic Group, together with Italian designers from Pininfarina, presented to the world two new hybrid models - the K750 crossover and the H600 sedan. These cars have acquired a unique design, powerful power plants and innovative equipment. Developers from the Middle Kingdom have proven that in the future they may well compete with the well-known Tesla brand. Below we will take a closer look at the Hybrid Kinetic Group H600 2019 and K750.


Under the hood of the H600 sedan is two electric motors with a unique automatic recharging system on the road. They provide rotation of all wheels and develop up to 600 kW (800 horsepower). A special micro-turbine generator is equipped, which is responsible for charging a set of batteries. Also, the energy to the motors comes from the battery. According to the manufacturer, the turbines have a life of 50,000 hours and the battery is rated for 50,000 discharge-recharge cycles.

A car with a battery charged at maximum can cover up to one thousand kilometers without recharging. He zero to the first 100 km, he accelerates in 2.9 seconds. The maximum speed is 250 km / h. The K750 crossover is equipped with an identical power plant, but with a reduced power, which is 680 "horses".

Just like the 2019 Kinetic H600 Hybrid sedan, the crossover is capable of reaching 250 km / h and traveling 1000 km without recharging. But the first 100 km it goes slower - in 3.1 seconds.


The electric motors in the drive of the front and rear axles are equipped with a traction vectoring function. Large blocks of lithium ion cells are located under the floor. If there is a lack of energy, it is possible to start a micro turbine generator, equipped in the engine compartment. The on-board generator can charge the battery in the parking lot, or while on the move, where there is no convenient access to the mains. The bodywork of the cars is made of aluminum to keep the weight of the large crossover.

The H600 sedan has the following dimensions:

  • length - 5.2 meters;
  • width - 2 meters;
  • height - 1.5 meters.

The curb weight of the body reaches 1870 kilograms. The weight of the K750 crossover is 2250 kg.


The presented cars turned out to be elegant, stylish and very original. Developers from Italy did their best and gave them a truly luxurious and impressive design. New items look like they came from the future. At the same time, you may notice some borrowed from other expensive auto elements. The developers described the design as agile and sensual. There is no overabundance of bends on the surface of the car, and so much chrome has been added to add a premium atmosphere to the look:

  • the front end sports a large grille with chromed vertical stripes, which is probably taken from the Maserati model. The lattice is adjoined by curved optical head lighting devices based on LEDs. There is a volumetric air intake for cooling the motor. The graceful bumper is perfectly combined with other body parts and gives the appearance of respectability. Fog lights and daytime running lights are located on the lower sides of it;
  • in profile, a beautiful curve that runs through the entire body catches the eye. The wheel arches are noticeable, adding to the aggressive appearance. It is filled with light alloy discs, which are made in a sporty spirit. Hinged doors are equipped. Interestingly, the B-pillar is missing. The roof slopes gently towards the stern. The door handles, as in all the newest cars, are recessed into the body;
  • the stern has a solid strip of optics, in the middle of which the company emblem is placed. A body kit is provided below, which provides protection against mechanical stress.

Hybrid Kinetic H600 2019 received a new body. The photo clearly shows how well it was assembled.



The interior of the sedan and crossover is almost identical. The salon looks futuristic. One of its main features is the absence of keys and buttons. The center console has a huge color display that allows you to control a variety of systems and options. There are also screens for passengers in the head restraints of the front seats.

The instrument panel is fully digital and consists of translucent displays that are backlit in turquoise. Once inside the car, you immediately notice a lot of headroom and legroom. Thanks to the height of the car and the long wheelbase, even tall and heavy passengers can comfortably sit on the back of the sofa.

The sedan is designed for five passengers, and the crossover for seven. The salon is luxurious and attractive. Dark brown leather upholstery adds elegance.

The installed chairs are similar in design to the products of the popular Eames company. They have excellent lateral support, a wide range of adjustments and allow you to comfortably carry a long ride. Naturally, all seats are heated, which is useful in the cold season.


Options and prices

The price of the Hybrid Kinetic K750 and H600 starts at 66 million rubles.

The Hybrid Kinetic Group wants to sell these vehicles in the Chinese and American markets and then distribute them to European countries. The volume of production should be about 200 thousand copies per year in the next ten years.


If you want to know the details about the Hybrid Kinetic H600 2019, the configuration and prices, please contact your authorized dealer.

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