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Tesla Model 3, move over: 408 hp, “weaving” in 5 seconds, LEDs, tablet, sensors. Polestar 2 2019
Tesla Model 3, move over: 408 hp, “weaving” in 5 seconds, LEDs, tablet, sensors. Polestar 2 2019

This year's Geneva Motor Show boasts a worldwide novelty presented by a Chinese manufacturer. We are talking about a fully electric five-door - the Polestar 2 2019 liftback. It is worth saying that the manufacturer considers the new product to be the main competitor of Tesla Model 3.

Powerful and luxurious

Exterior and interior

Visually, the "two" is a completely copied Concept 40.2 from Volvo. Of course, there are some design changes, but they are so subtle that it is possible to speak about them with certainty only after a careful examination. For example, the serial version of the "electric train" received a new bumper geometry, the shape of the bonnet and the doorway for the tailgate were changed. However, other lights were chosen.

Also, the second model, already in the basic configuration, received unique exterior mirrors without pronounced frames. On the novelty, you can see the logo with a bright suspension and LED headlights with matrix filling. Most likely, for the American and Canadian markets, the latter will be replaced with simpler passive blocks, but the LED filling will remain intact. And the point here is not the desire of the manufacturer to save money, but the legislative base of the state.



Unfortunately, so far a lot about this model remains a mystery. There is almost no exact data, but some information was nevertheless managed to be pulled from the representatives of the company. So, it became known that the car was designed on the CMA platform, which is characterized by a rear multi-link beam and a modular structure.


Overall dimensions of the car:

  • length - 4, 6 meters;
  • width - 1.8 meters;
  • height - 1.48 meters;
  • wheelbase - 2, 74 meters.

The design feature implies the installation of a power element under the floor, so the traction battery maintains its weight balance. Its capacity is 78 kWh, which is enough to travel 500 kilometers without additional recharging, if measured according to the WLTP cycle. It is worth saying that at home the battery will be somewhat deformed to 72 kWh. When talking about electric motors, the manufacturer is referring to a pair of motors with a return of 408 hp. and 660 Nm for two. If you believe the technical documentation, then the speed "up to a hundred" Polestar 2 2019 is gaining less than 5 seconds.


Options and prices

The electric car is planned to be launched first of all at home - in China. It is worth noting that the manufacturer plans to start serial production only in 2020, so it is not worth hoping for an early release. At the moment, a preliminary order has been made from the "officials", so the price is already known. For the basic version of the "train" dealers demand almost 40,000 euros. At the same time, a limited edition called "Launch Edition" will be released, the cost of which will reach almost 60 thousand euros. The latter will be released only within 12 months after the official start of production.

As an additional equipment to the basic configurations, the buyer will be able to acquire the Perfomance package, which includes:

  • 20-inch wheels;
  • shock absorbers Ohlins;
  • gold seat belts;
  • gold painted calipers;
  • Brembo brakes, etc.

The geography of distribution is still in question. In a number of the first countries, in addition to their native China, Germany, USA, Sweden, Canada, Norway, Belgium, Great Britain, and the Netherlands are designated. Despite the designation of "preliminary" points, there is almost no probability that "electro" will arrive in Russia. Those wishing to purchase Polestar 2 2019 can find out the configurations and prices from an authorized dealer in early 2020, when the prospect of appearance will become more transparent.

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