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"Cayenne" is 3 times cheaper: hybrid, "weaving" in 3.5 s, reserve of 500 km, 693 hp, panorama from 3.2 million - Jin Kang Seres SF5
"Cayenne" is 3 times cheaper: hybrid, "weaving" in 3.5 s, reserve of 500 km, 693 hp, panorama from 3.2 million - Jin Kang Seres SF5

Today, the Chinese auto industry, in addition to models belonging to the budget and middle segment, is developing expensive premium cars. These include the new Jin Kang Seres SF5 2019, which will be discussed below.

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In the hybrid version, in addition to the electric motor, a conventional internal combustion engine is installed that operates on gasoline. It is not interconnected with the axles of vehicles, but works in tandem with a generator, and its main task is to create energy to charge the battery.

If the tank is completely filled with fuel and the battery is charged, you can cover about 600 kilometers. This version accelerates from zero to hundred in 4.8 seconds. The maximum speed is 230 km / h.

Jin Kang Seres SF5 2019 has the following dimensions:

  • length - 4700 mm;
  • width - 1930 mm;
  • height - 1629 mm;
  • wheelbase - 2, 8 m.

Exterior features


The model has acquired a stylish and unique appearance, although from the front it is very similar to the Ford Focus:

  • in front are installed head optical devices based on LEDs. In addition, the daytime running lights are perfectly drawn here. The optics not only look stylish, but also provide excellent illumination both during the day and at night. Fog lights are made in the form of elongated thin stripes bent in the center at ninety degrees;
  • together with the optics, the radiator grille, made in an interesting shape, is perfectly combined. In addition, the elegant hood with a curious relief and a powerful bumper with plastic and a strip concave inward are impressive;
  • a trapezoidal air intake with rounded corners is located on the body kit. Inside it is a massive mesh, and immediately below it is a black layer of plastic. The front is elongated and slightly sloped. A large number of decorative details are located on it;

  • in profile, you can see the circular wheel arches, which are filled with twenty-inch discs, giving the car a dynamic and sporty look. The long roof and original windows look attractive. Mirrors with turn signals are striking. Door handles are "recessed" in the body;
  • the rear is equipped with a small tailgate adorned with bright LED position lights. In general, the food is quite simple and has no frills. The roof ends with a small canopy. There is a bumper, a body kit covered with plastic and a rectangular window. There are no exhaust pipes, since they are not necessary for an electric car.

Jin Kang Seres SF5 2019 acquired a new body. In the photo, you can see its resemblance to the Tesla X. However, compared to Tesla, its exterior is more aggressive, and the car itself has a slightly larger dimensions.



The developers did a good job not only on the exterior, but also on the interior design of the electric car. It should be noted the excellent ergonomics, luxurious equipment and a cozy, pleasant interior.

All trim levels have a multifunction steering wheel with a trimmed rim at the bottom and a modern instrument panel with a touchscreen display, which measures 12.3 inches. There is the latest multimedia complex with a seventeen-inch screen, AliOS 2.0 operating system and Internet access.

High-quality leather is used for the interior trim, which does not deteriorate even after years of operation. In some places, you can see decorative wood and metal inserts.


All systems are controlled by a rectangular instrument panel screen, which was borrowed from the Tesla model. Other copied elements are on the tunnel, the main part of which is occupied by the armrest, which does not have a compartment for carry-on luggage inside.

The seats are made in a comfortable and correct shape and provide maximum comfort during the entire trip. To provide additional convenience, the following are provided:

  • electric drive for seat adjustments;
  • the possibility of heating;
  • ventilation in top-end configurations;
  • panoramic roof and sunroof;
  • all-round view function;
  • parking assistant.

The owner gets climate control and adaptive cruise control at his disposal. The luggage compartment is roomy and makes it possible to transport large items. It is equipped with an electrically operated door. Included are many modern electronic systems that assist in driving and allow the vehicle to be stopped in difficult situations.



The presentation of the novelty took place in the spring of 2019 at the Shanghai Auto Show. The car in question competes in the market with models such as the Porsche Macan, Nio ES6 and Audi Q5. It is intended primarily for sales in the Chinese and American markets.

You can find out more about the Jin Kang Seres SF5 2019 electric car, its configurations and prices from an authorized dealer. According to preliminary data, the cost will be over 50 thousand dollars for the "base".

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