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Land Cruiser 200, move over: 7 seats, 326 hp, autopilot, leather, and as priced as a Rav 4 in top trim. New Li One
Land Cruiser 200, move over: 7 seats, 326 hp, autopilot, leather, and as priced as a Rav 4 in top trim. New Li One

Cars equipped with a classic internal combustion engine are being replaced over time by high-tech hybrids. The latter are credited with many advantages, saying that the future lies with electric vehicles. Thus, the development of this segment of production is considered the main direction for most manufacturers. China cannot stay away from the general trend. The PRC government actively supports entrepreneurs and introduces electric vehicles into the general traffic flow. Recall that this country is the most "electrically populated", that is, there is the most electric cars in the world. Government support, infrastructure development and demand attract companies to create new models.


One of these companies has released the modern Leading Ideal One 2019 SUV. The electric car has become part of the global CHJ Automotive project. The brand is headed by Xian Li, a well-known entrepreneur in China. The car topped the premium segment of the lineup, which is suitable for large families. The buyer will find a luxurious interior, high technology, utility and two interior variations.


The presented novelty stood on the original platform with an adaptive suspension. The design is characterized by complete independence, ventilated disc braking system. Due to the independent development of the platform, most of the information remains closed. Only the dimensions of the car are known, indicated in the technical documentation:

  • length - 5.02 meters;
  • width - 1, 96 meters;
  • height - 1.76 meters;
  • wheelbase - 2, 935 meters.

The manufacturer decided not to dwell on a single modification and brought out two sets of electric motors for 136 and 190 hp. In the lineup there is another turbocharged gasoline engine for 1, 2 liters. The petrol engine is entrusted with the role of a generator, which recharges the battery. Thus, one cannot talk about its power potential as such. In total, the installation produces 326 hp. and 530 Nm of torque.

The battery received 40.5 kW / h. This volume should be enough for a distance of 180 km. But provided that a 1.2-liter internal combustion engine is installed, the mileage without recharging increases to 700 km. If you drive carefully and slowly, you can "stretch" one charge for almost 1,000 km. The electric car has good dynamics. It can be dispersed to the first "hundred" in just 6, 5 seconds.

It is worth noting that the Chinese model is available exclusively with permanent all-wheel drive.



The stylish appearance of Liding Ideal Wang 2019 cannot be called completely original. The new body has familiar Highlander, Range Rover Sport features that are visible in the photo. However, it cannot be called completely copied either. The exterior looks organic and stylish. The manufacturer ambitiously sees Tesla's Model X as its main competitor.

The main features of the appearance are as follows. The middle part is powerful. It is topped by neat, narrow LED headlights. A thin illuminated LED strip spreads between them, which adds originality to the exterior. A rather large radiator grill is also located here. The massiveness of the bumper is emphasized by a pair of vertical deflectors and a lower air intake.


A glance in profile makes you think about the real purpose of the SUV. From this angle, it becomes clear that he claims to be the image of a real large SUV. The car boasts large side doors, round wheel arches that can accommodate 21-inch wheels. The huge dimensions (over 5 meters) become obvious, and the weighty feed looks extremely solid.

The back part does not "hold out" in seriousness to the front. Typical Chinese elements can be seen here, such as the LED chandelier over the entire tailgate. A large tailgate is likely to be convenient for loading / unloading. A long spoiler is visible from above, and modest fog lines on the body kit.

As a result, fans of electric vehicles have the opportunity to acquire a large vehicle that not only covers a huge distance of up to 1000 kilometers, but also can surprise with a premium interior.



Leading Ideal Van 2019 does not provide a large selection of trim levels. The car is presented in one version, but it meets all the requirements of the "premium". Prices from an authorized dealer at home stopped at 3.2 million. This is taking into account the allocated government subsidies.

The salon boasts premium finishes: natural wood, leather upholstery, polished aluminum. The chairs have excellent ergonomics and filling. The manufacturer makes it possible to independently choose a convenient landing pattern. The six-seater salon is presented with three rows of captain's chairs, and the seven-seater one involves the installation of a sofa in the middle row.

The only complete set included:

  • automatic braking;
  • autopilot for standing in traffic jams;
  • adaptive LED optics;
  • cameras;
  • lane control;
  • adjustment of the front seats using an electric drive;
  • heating and ventilation of the first row, heating of the second;
  • identification of obstacles in the blind spots;
  • heated steering wheel;
  • separate climate control for all three zones;
  • modern security systems, etc.

I would like to dwell in more detail on the presented digital part of the salon. The buyer gets not only the functions listed above, but also 4 touch screens, three of which are on the front panel. Among them:

  • "Tidy" 12, 3 inches;
  • multimedia - 16, 2 inches;
  • additional screen for multimedia - 12.3 inches;
  • screen for setting the functional part and "climate" on the front panel - 10, 1 inch.

At the end of the "completeness" of Liding Ideal Van 2019, it should be said that 4G Internet is available in the car, there is the possibility of synchronization with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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