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Lower-priced CR-V facelift: 2021 Honda Breeze - Toyota RAV4 all-wheel drive crossover
Lower-priced CR-V facelift: 2021 Honda Breeze - Toyota RAV4 all-wheel drive crossover

Japanese crossover Honda Breeze 2021 is focused only on the Chinese car market. This model is presented in the Celestial Empire in two main modifications. The cost of the cross starts at 1.95 million rubles. The car can be purchased in a sports version, as well as in a variation with a hybrid power plant. In terms of its technical equipment, the car is in no way inferior to competitors, and in some ways it even seriously surpasses them. At the moment, this urban cross is a direct contender for cars such as the Mazda CX-5, Toyota RAV4 and Mitsubishi Outlander.

Options and prices

A car with a striking appearance, the 2021 Honda Breeze in the Chinese car market is available to potential buyers in three basic trim levels with a turbo engine and a hybrid installation. Also in a new body, this model is presented in several extended versions with additional sets of options. The prices for the complete set differ significantly depending on the equipment. It is worth noting that this car, in terms of technical characteristics, almost completely corresponds to another cross - Honda CR-V. If you look at the photo, you can even come to the conclusion that the Breeze and CR-V are almost identical models, and the first is just a facelift of the second.


Elite Edition

In this configuration, the car can be purchased for 1.85 million rubles with a 1.5-liter turbo engine and a 6-speed manual gearbox. A version with a continuously variable variator will cost 2.06 million rubles, and a modification with a hybrid engine will cost 2.4 million rubles. In this configuration, the Honda Breeze 2021 crossover is equipped with options such as:

  • multimedia system with 5-inch touch screen;
  • multifunctional steering wheel;
  • cloth interior;
  • salon rear-view mirror with anti-reflective coating;
  • LED lighting in the cabin;
  • luggage compartment lighting;
  • Cruise control;
  • function of active noise suppression in the cabin;
  • manual air conditioning system;
  • front double airbags;
  • side airbags in front;
  • tire pressure sensors.

In addition to the listed functions, the Honda Breeze 2021 car is equipped with numerous security services and many electronic assistants, among which this configuration can be distinguished by the anti-lock braking system ABS, the VSN body stability control function, the emergency braking option, assistants when driving uphill and downhill, a lock in the rear doors to restrict the access of children.


Deluxe Edition

The average configuration, for which in the version with a 1.5-liter turbo engine, you will have to pay 2.26 million rubles. A modification with a hybrid power plant will cost a potential buyer 2.6 million rubles. In this configuration, the car receives such options as:

  • intelligent control of low and high beam;
  • electrically adjustable rear-view mirrors with folding function;
  • remote start of the engine and air conditioner in the passenger compartment;
  • keyless access to the salon;
  • dual-zone climate control;
  • high-quality audio system with 8 speakers;
  • Apple CarPlay support;
  • wide-angle rear-view camera;
  • driver fatigue tracking system;
  • smart car lock.

Also in this configuration, the car is equipped with a traffic sign recognition system, the function of keeping the car in the lane, heated front seats, as well as a 7-inch screen of the multimedia complex.


Premium Edition

The top variation of the 2021 Honda Breeze crossover, the cost of which starts at 2.37 million rubles for a front-wheel drive modification with a variator and a 1.5-liter turbo engine. The all-wheel drive version will be 300 thousand rubles more expensive. As for the hybrid modification, it received the name Sharp and you need to pay 2, 75 million rubles for it. In this variation, the cross is equipped with options such as:

  • parking sensors front and rear;
  • panoramic roof and electric sunroof;
  • monitoring system for "blind" zones;
  • digital instrument panel;
  • leather interior;
  • projection of data from the dashboard to the windshield;
  • paddle shifters;
  • heated and ventilated front seats;
  • electrically adjustable driver's seat;
  • lighting for the legs;
  • electric tailgate with remote control.

In addition, in this modification, the crossover receives 19-inch alloy wheels with an original pattern and many other relevant and useful functions today.


Separately, it is worth talking about a special version of the Magic Night Edition cross, which will cost a potential buyer 2, 5 - 2, 9 million rubles, depending on the layout of the power unit and the type of drive. This modification implies the presence of numerous decorative elements in the cabin, as well as on the body part of the car. This includes an all-black grille, red seat upholstery and dark interior design. The car is equipped with LED fog lights and black side mirrors with matte edging.



The car featured in this review boasts impressive performance. The crossover, regardless of the selected power unit, fully complies with the Euro-5 environmental standard. As mentioned earlier, the cross is equipped with a 1.5-liter gasoline turbo engine with 193 horsepower and 243 N * m of torque. Also, this car is equipped with a hybrid installation consisting of a 2.0-liter gasoline engine and two electric motors with a lithium-ion battery. The total power of the unit is 214 horsepower. 315 N * m of torque is transmitted to the wheels. The car in petrol versions is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable variable gearbox. In the hybrid variation, only the variator is installed on the car. In the top-end configuration, the model is equipped with an AWD all-wheel drive system.


It is also worth noting that this crossover received almost identical body dimensions to the CR-V, namely:

  • length - 4 634 mm;
  • width - 1844 mm;
  • height - 1,679 mm;
  • curb weight - 1520 - 1670 kg (depending on the version);
  • wheelbase - 2 661 mm.

It is also worth noting that this crossover boasts a spacious luggage compartment that can hold over 500 liters of items.


Handling and off-road performance

This model has a ground clearance of more than 200 mm, which in turn has a beneficial effect on its cross-country ability. Cars can really be used for outdoor activities and outings. However, if a car enthusiast is planning to conquer off-road, then for this he will have to choose an all-wheel drive modification. In general, it should be given its due, the model received excellent handling and excellent driving characteristics. Cross confidently holds the road regardless of the type of drive, and besides, it instantly reacts to steering. An independent spring system, an anti-roll bar and ventilated disc brakes are placed on the front of the car. The equipment of the rear wheel axle differs only in that it provides multi-link independent suspension and conventional disc brakes.


Dynamic properties and fuel consumption

This car is not very voracious and consumes a relatively small amount of fuel per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle. At the same time, satisfactory performance applies to both the hybrid version and the petrol version of the car. On average, depending on the selected configuration, the cross consumes 4, 9 - 7, 3 liters of fuel for every hundred kilometers in the combined cycle. The highest performance is in the petrol version with all-wheel drive. AI-92 gasoline is used as the main fuel. Also, this car boasts impressive dynamics. The cross in the hybrid modification gains the first hundred in 9, 1 s. With a gasoline turbo engine, depending on the variation, this indicator varies from 9, 3 to 9, 9 s. The maximum speed of the model presented in the review is 204 km / h.



The greatest strength of this Japanese crossover, aimed at the Middle Kingdom market, is the interior and exterior design. The Cross does look like a cutting edge model and boasts an abundance of high-tech elements. Most of all, the unusual front end is striking, which received a daring narrow grille and tapered head optics, which makes the car seem aggressive. The interior of the car also deserves special attention, as it can be chosen in red, gray and black colors. Here you can see the practicality characteristic of the entire Honda model range and its own design style.


Sales start

This car appeared in the Chinese car market in 2020 and since then has been especially popular with local car enthusiasts. This model, in fact, is a facelift of another cross - CR-V, which also has a huge success. The Honda Breeze is more targeted at young car enthusiasts because of its flamboyant style and bold disposition. The appearance of this car in Russia is not planned.



It should be noted that the Honda Breeze crossover is a striking representative of the most demanded class of cars. Among the direct competitors of the car, it is worth highlighting:

  • Mazda CX-5;
  • Toyota RAV4;
  • Mitsubishi Outlander.

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