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The 2022 Aurus Senat is the newest Russian competitor to the Rolls-Royce Phantom. All prices and configurations
The 2022 Aurus Senat is the newest Russian competitor to the Rolls-Royce Phantom. All prices and configurations

Aurus Senate 2022 is the debut domestic premium model, which is being produced as a serial version from May 31, 2021 at the Sollers facilities in Yelabuga. The development of a representative car started back in 2012, when FSUE NAMI started implementing the Cortege project, within which it was planned to create a family of cars used during the travels of the President of Russia. The debut show of the model took place at the Moscow Motor Show in 2018. The model is currently available in two body styles - sedan and limousine. The price for the basic version of the version for pre-order is currently 22 million rubles. According to most auto experts, a domestic car is capable of becoming a direct rival to the Polls-Royce Phantom model.


Considering the fact that no Russian developer has ever produced cars like the 2022 Aurus Senate, and its technical characteristics and configurations will be unique on the market. Of course, for a premium sedan in a new body, the buyer will have to pay a price corresponding to the status of the model. All current photos of domestic cars are published in this review.


Since the car was developed by NAMI specialists from scratch, it is characterized by a completely new, own modular architecture with a longitudinal version of the power unit installation. Moreover, its subspecies will be involved in the production of other models from this family (SUV, limousine, minivan, etc.).


The power characteristics of the Aurus Senat are determined by a single version of the power unit. We are talking about a hybrid engine with a volume of 4.4 liters, which was developed by domestic engineers together with specialists from Porsche Engineering. Its power indicator is 698 horsepower, and the torque reaches 880 N * m. The electric motor is capable of delivering 40 "horses" and 400 N * m. A pair for this power unit is a 9-speed automatic transmission, which was developed by domestic specialists. Its main difference from standard torque converters is the process of transmitting torque through planetary gear sets. This technical solution made it possible to achieve an increase in the transmission efficiency and an increase in the smoothness of gear shifting.


In any configuration, the Aurus Senat will be equipped with permanent all-wheel drive.

List of dimensions of the Russian novelty:

  • Body dimensions - 5630x2020x1685 mm.
  • The distance between the axles is 3300 mm.
  • The ground clearance is 200 mm.
  • Vehicle weight - 3200 kg.
  • Number of seats - 5.

Options and prices

The automaker has not yet announced the final information on the number of available trim levels. According to preliminary data, the sedan will be available in two versions.



At the moment, there is information in the public domain only about the Individual configuration, which has the widest list of built-in capabilities:

  • aluminum wheels 20 inches;
  • head optics with LED matrices, built-in washers, auto-corrector and high-beam control system;
  • Fog lights and running lights;
  • light / rain sensors;
  • side electric mirrors and windshield with built-in heating;
  • multifunction steering wheel in leather sheath with electrically adjustable position and heating system;
  • central locking and alarm;
  • doors with a door closer;
  • glove box with cooling system;
  • on-board computer;
  • electric boot door with hands-free opening system;
  • set of power windows;
  • Cruise control;
  • start of the motor using a button, as well as the ability to perform its remote start;
  • keyless access to the car interior;
  • parking assistants;
  • multi-zone climate control system;
  • 360-degree view cameras;
  • selection of available driving modes;
  • projection of the instrument panel readings onto the windshield;
  • a complete set of airbags;
  • anti-lock wheels and traction control system;
  • exchange rate stabilization;
  • assistant at the moment of braking;
  • a system that allows you to protect the car from rolling away during the start of the movement on the rise;
  • a sensor for measuring the pressure level in the wheels;
  • multimedia with digital display and standard navigator;
  • separate screen for rear passengers;
  • wireless charging for smartphones;
  • socket for 12 and 220 volts;
  • leather upholstery of the seats in the cabin;
  • decor on thresholds and pedals;
  • front seats with an electrically adjustable system, including height adjustment;
  • ventilation and heating of the passenger compartment;
  • front armrest;
  • leather-trimmed transmission selector;
  • interior decorative lighting.


Since the 2022 Aurus Senat is an absolute market debut, the crash test results regarding the level of its security have not yet been published on the network. At the same time, knowing the level of equipment that the new product will rely on, it can be concluded as to how safe the domestic premium sedan is.


The list of services that ensure the safety of car passengers will include a set of airbags, belts, ISOFIX mounts and the ERA-GLONASS system. Also, the developer will equip his novelty with a wide range of electronic systems and security services, which are designed to prevent accidents.


Handling and off-road performance

Given the status of the car, even the lack of a mass of reviews about its driving qualities, allows us to talk about excellent handling and confident stay on the road. In addition, the sedan is equipped with a set of services and systems that will allow you to overcome the most difficult sections of the road without any difficulties.


With regard to off-road capabilities, then, given the available all-wheel drive and ground clearance of 200 mm, we can talk about their presence. At the same time, the car has impressive dimensions and weight, which will not allow you to count on success when traveling on open terrain. Of course, understanding the status of this car and its price, it is rather difficult to imagine that the owner of the Aurus Senate decided to test its abilities outside the asphalt surface.


Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, even with such a high-quality premium car, you can find not only a lot of advantages, but also a number of disadvantages. The former include:

  • the highest quality;
  • premium status;
  • impressive power characteristics;
  • the highest possible level of security.

The list of disadvantages of the 2022 Aurus Senat includes:

  • high cost of the model;
  • lack of special maintenance services;
  • high cost of repairs, as well as related costs (luxury tax, hull insurance, etc.).


The appearance and interior design of a premium car has long been no secret. The performance of the exterior of the Russian sedan will be quite close to the British model Rolls-Royce. This similarity manifests itself in the massive radiator grille, the filling of which is made of vertical metal inserts, as well as rectangular headlights. But the front bumper of the 2022 Aurus Senate will be different, thanks to the presence of volumetric cutouts in the side parts. On the side, the car will have the shape of a classic large sedan, but at the back, small lights and a horizontal chrome insert that runs through the entire trunk lid draw attention to themselves.


Its interior is also made to match the status of the sedan. The digital instrument cluster is integrated under one glass with the display of the multimedia system. All physical keys and selectors look very stylish and noble, and the interior itself has leather trim.


Sales start

At the moment, motorists can purchase the domestic premium class exclusively within the framework of the pre-order, which was opened after the start of the serial production of the car. When the domestic model gets to dealerships, it is not finally known, but according to preliminary data, the first models will be delivered this summer.



The list of competitors of the Russian executive sedan is limited to a few, the most prominent representatives available on the world car market. We are talking about Bentley Flying Spur, Rolls-Royce Ghost, Mercedes-Benz Maybach S600.

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