GAZ has certified a completely new truck: four-wheel drive, diesel engine, choice of rows. First details
GAZ has certified a completely new truck: four-wheel drive, diesel engine, choice of rows. First details

GAZ Group was able to certify another new product - Sadko Next. The all-new all-wheel drive truck has got an OTTS, which means that in the coming weeks, official dealers can look forward to delivery. As a reminder, under the agreement, the Type Approval of the vehicle issued allows the sale of a truck not only on the territory of the Russian Federation, but also in a number of EAEU countries. This means that in the near future Sadko Next will go to Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kazakhstan.


The news about the creation of a new all-wheel drive truck appeared back in 2015. This was followed by two years of calm. Ultimately, Sadko appeared at the German autumn exhibition last year, albeit as a prototype.

In the published document, the novelty is presented with the C41A23 index. Proceeding from the fact that all GAZons Next are marked with an index starting with "C4" can be considered a continuation of the "Sadko" line.


The manufacturer has already published the dimensions of the truck:

  • length - 6, 27 meters;
  • length with a winch - 6, 53 meters;
  • width - 2, 35 meters;
  • height - 2, 66 meters;
  • height along the awning top - 2, 8 meters;
  • wheelbase - 3, 77 meters.

The novelty certificate registers only one modification with a turbocharged diesel unit - YaMZ-534-43. From there, the performance became known - 149 hp. with a volume of 4, 4 liters. The torque of the car will be 490 Nm. There is no alternative to the 5-speed "mechanics". The weight of the equipped car is 4230-4400 kg. An additional 190 kg is "thrown" in the presence of a winch. Carrying capacity - 2260-2620 kg.

The similarity with the previous version of "Sadko" consists in bridges and a unified frame, otherwise Next is a complete novelty. The cockpit migrated from GAZon Next, and instead of modern block diagrams, universal round headlights are installed, which still "give off" with Soviet shades. In the classic version, three people can ride in the cab, up to seven in a two-row cab.


The original solution was proposed by the designers. The power take-off option exists both on the gearbox and on the “transfer case”, so the driver can simultaneously use the winch and adjust the mass of special settings.

A 95 liter compartment is used as a fuel tank. For an additional fee, the volume can be doubled by connecting an additional tank. It is worth recalling that Sadko Next has already been run-in. The Russian manufacturer was helped in this by the Indonesian military. The preliminary price on the Russian market is about two million for the basic version.

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