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The government has tightened registration of tuning: details and cost of the procedure
The government has tightened registration of tuning: details and cost of the procedure

It is already known that the new GOST on carrying out tuning on cars was postponed for a year, but does this mean that the tuners will be able to sleep peacefully? To understand all the intricacies and innovations, the experts answered the most popular questions.


General information

Let's remind that the all-Russian standards officially force to coordinate all design features (changes) of the car with certified laboratories. The problem arose immediately after signing the document. There were not enough laboratories in our country. Along with this, a number of difficulties arose: lighting technology, changes in the design of the engine and suspension, and other important components fell under the regulations of the new GOST. In addition, you will have to register HBO and a standard roof rack. This will lead to additional bureaucratic complications.

How will the registration change procedure take place?

For clarity, let's take a specific procedure. For example, registration of a change in the fuel system - the installation of a simplified LPG system. In this case, you will have to go through several stages:

  • before you start installing gas equipment, you must obtain permission from the traffic police to make changes to the design. Next, you need to visit a certified laboratory, where specialists will issue a confirmation that the equipment prepared for installation is suitable for a specific car model;
  • the second step has undergone major changes. The installation of HBO is now available exclusively to certified laboratories that have managed to obtain permission for this type of activity. Installation cannot be carried out at the first service station or in the garage;
  • the bureaucratic moments do not end there. It is necessary to send the car for inspection, where specialists will confirm the correct installation of cylinders and other equipment;
  • return to the laboratory, which will officially certify the correctness of the modifications and changes;
  • the next step is registration, obtaining a certificate and a modified registration certificate at the traffic police.

According to the most conservative estimates, the price of the simplest tuning will increase by 5-20 thousand rubles, depending on the place where it is carried out.

Getting rid of unnecessary

Let's imagine the opposite situation - the desire to abandon HBO. In this case, the entire procedure will have to go through from the very beginning, since his presence is already indicated in the JTS.

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