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The most unusual tuning of Niva and Lada from foreign masters
The most unusual tuning of Niva and Lada from foreign masters

Along with Russian, foreign tuners have also chosen domestic "Niva" and "Zhiguli" for a total rework. There are several reasons for this: the machines are affordable and reliable, and the simple design is easy to upgrade. There are many photographs of "alterations" on the Internet, but today I would like to tell you about the most original projects created by foreign masters.

Konela Lada 2107 Turbo

Lada from Britain

Many do not even assume that Lada has been supplied to Great Britain for many years. In the 90s, when the car was assembled at the Togliatti plant, it was extremely affordable for buyers, and the quality greatly exceeded the cost. Of course, it is impossible to call it comfortable and stylish, so those wishing to get a comfortable and bright car turned to the tuners for help. Everything underwent changes: interior, body and technical characteristics.

Photo: Lotus Engineering

The described car became known all over the world thanks to the popular Top Gear program, where the VAZ-2105 was lit up. It is worth saying that Lada got a place on the air thanks to a high-quality rework. In Britain, the brand is produced under the name Lada Riva 1.3. The work on creating a unique design was carried out by Lotus Engineering. The cost of the changes was over $ 200,000, of which only $ 300 was spent on the purchase of the car itself. Under the hood was a 2.0-liter 180-horsepower engine from Fiat, which was aggregated by a 5-band box. Changes have been made to the braking system and suspension. As a result, the car accelerates to a top speed of 238 km / h.

Lada from Cuba

The presence of domestic cars on the territory of this country is unlikely to surprise anyone. Friendly countries, although they were far away, still actively used each other. Hence the popularity of this brand. At the moment, the brainchild of AvtoVAZ are very expensive, so cars with a 30-year run are cut through under the Sun. Despite the experience, they are actively used as taxis and police cars. Yellow "a la convertibles" are considered original. There are also limousines from Lada in the park. More often than not, these cars get a "taxi" livery and a distinctive checkered top.


Niva from Latin America

It is impossible to dispute the main advantages of the Niva. It is passable, does not require complex repairs and is sold at a very competitive price. In hot countries, it is often used for safari. In the photos, you can see the bright orange SUV, which received new wheels and new suspension.

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