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Matrix headlights - what are they?
Matrix headlights - what are they?

At one time, there was quite a lot of hype about the release of a series of Audi cars equipped with matrix headlights. As soon as the company did not promote its invention, but in the end it still opened its cards, introducing the category of inquisitive motorists to the principles of headlights. And for other contingents who did not have time to gather useful information, this article is actually intended.


The evolution of automotive light

Previously, the only light source in car headlights was an ordinary filament lamp. Over time, it was gradually replaced by halogen, and later xenon lamps and bi-xenon light systems. Relatively recently, LEDs have begun to be used as light elements. But, they were used mainly in light warning systems (feet, turns) of a car. However, Audi engineers considered that such a use of such an economical light source needed better application and began to use an LED in the main lighting system of a car. It follows from this that matrix headlights are systems that use the glow of an LED as the main light source. AudiMatrixLED - this is how its creators dubbed their technology.

Principle of operation

Each of the headlights of the car has 5 sections, each of them has 5 LEDs. Thus, there are 25 of them per headlight. In addition, each section has a separate variable focus lens. Such a design, based on a given operating mode, can shine dimmer or brighter.

The headlamp is controlled automatically using a computer. In front of the car, it is equipped with a sensor that transmits data on changes in the distance between your vehicle and the oncoming vehicle. After analyzing the information received from the sensor, the electronics begins to control the various sections of the headlights (turning them on or off). Thus, the most optimal mode of headlights is selected, which does not blind oncoming traffic, but allows maintaining excellent visibility to the driver. Only matrix headlights have an anti-glare effect.

In addition, the smart system will allow you to direct the light beam in the direction of the future turn. In addition, the headlamp is capable of recognizing objects close to the road surface. For example, recognizing a person and focusing on him, the headlight will warn him about the approach of a car by blinking three times.

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