SmartHelmet by NandLogic
SmartHelmet by NandLogic

The NandLogic team has designed a new motorcycle safety helmet that is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics.


The smart helmet is called SmartHelmet. It includes an HD camera that "looks" in the direction of travel and records video to an SD card. The helmet also has a rear camera. Video recording from the auxiliary rear view camera will be useful in the event of an accident. But the driver will not be able to use this camera to view the scene behind the motorcyclist while driving.

All two helmet cameras are connected to a system that uses an algorithm to track objects around the rider and monitor the traffic situation. If such a system predicts an imminent collision, it will sound an alarm in the headset of the helmet. This will allow the rider to react very quickly to the situation and prevent an accident. In the near future, the manufacturer plans to integrate lighting devices into the helmet that will notify the owner with flashing lights about a dangerous situation from the side vision.

The following equipment is built into the helmet: GPS system, accelerograph, vibration gyroscope, the combined work of which helps the helmet find the position of the motorcyclist in three-dimensional space. These functions will allow the built-in top and turn signals to be prompted if the vehicle starts to slow down or turn.

In addition, the touch sensor is able to detect the onset of darkness and tell the helmet when it is time to turn on the LED lights.

SmartHelmet has a fan that automatically turns on when there is high temperature or humidity inside the helmet. The helmet can also reduce the level of these parameters by automatically raising the sight glass.

An outdoor microphone monitors the level of street noise and automatically activates hearing-pleasing sounds to neutralize annoying external noise such as the rumble of a motor or the sound of a gust of wind. But at the same time it is able to detect the buzzing of sirens, signals of other vehicles and inform the motorcyclist about them.

SmartHelmet is able to contact the owner's smartphone using Bluetooth. This feature allows the driver to answer phone calls through the microphone inside the helmet without interrupting the driving process.

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