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Should you install a contract engine or gearbox? Experts answered the most popular questions
Should you install a contract engine or gearbox? Experts answered the most popular questions

An unexpected breakdown can take any motorist by surprise. Not everyone is ready to instantly shell out a round sum to fix the problem, especially when it comes to repairing an engine or gearbox. In this case, the service station specialists propose to install a contract motor, which, according to them, will be much cheaper. What is a "contract engine" and which option is better to choose for installation, experts said.


Basic concepts

A contract part is a part that has been removed from a crashed vehicle. They are put up for sale to be used in another car. The question logically arises about the legality of such manipulations. The law does not prohibit the sale of such items. More recently, an amendment was made to the current legislation that the replacement of the engine does not need to be coordinated with the traffic police. There is no need to talk about the box, it could have been installed before without notifying the authorities.

Who needs a contract unit

A car under warranty does not need to look for additional spare parts. It is enough to take it to the center and replace it with a new part. If the warranty period has ended long ago, then you can think about installing a contract unit. At the same time, it does not matter what happened to your engine or gearbox: it makes no difference to the "contractor" whether you damaged the predecessor in an accident or if it worn out naturally. Parts taken from emergency vehicles are much cheaper than new ones.

Where do the contract details come from?

Another question often asked by car owners is where the part came from. The answer is quite simple: it is removed from the damaged or decommissioned vehicle. It is impossible to find out what exactly has become with the rest of the car, so it remains to be hoped that the car is not stolen.


How much and where to buy

To protect yourself and your car, it is better to give preference to large companies that supply spare parts from Europe, Korea and Japan. In this case, the buyer can count on a modest, but still a guarantee. The cost, of course, is the difference from the brand of the car. On Lada Grant, the engine will cost 60 thousand for a new one and 15,000 for a contract one. Roughly the same proportion is observed for boxes.

Benefits of a "contractor"

The installation of the "finished" unit will take 1-2 days, while the overhaul and bulkhead of the existing unit will take at least a week.

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