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For 300 thousand rubles in Russia you can now buy a reliable premium crossover - Acura MDX I
For 300 thousand rubles in Russia you can now buy a reliable premium crossover - Acura MDX I

The Acura MDX is a premium mid-size three-row crossover manufactured by American Honda Motor Co since 2001. For the first time, the new model was presented at the site of the international motor show in Detroit in 2000. The car is produced on the assembly line of the plant in Lincoln, USA. Acura MDX 2001 (1st generation) replaces the SLX model. The crossover was based on the Odyssey minivan platform with a 3.5-liter petrol engine. The MDX has become the most expensive SUV in the manufacturer's lineup, second only to the ZDX models that were added to the Acura lineup in 2009-2013. After its release in 2001, the car received three awards at once in the category "Crossover of the Year".


Acura MDX 2001 is equipped with a 3.5-liter, V-shaped, 6-cylinder gasoline SOCH engine J35A3, the maximum output of which is 240 "horses", capable of providing a maximum speed of 207 km / h and acceleration time to 100 kilometers - 8, 9 seconds. The declared average consumption of AI-92 gasoline is 12.8 liters.


Acura MDH 2001 received a 5-speed automatic transmission. The transmission is equipped with an all-wheel drive system with the ability to connect the rear axle in case of slipping of the front axle, as well as a forced blocking of the center differential. The SUV is equipped with a fully independent suspension.


The main dimensions and dimensions of the SUV:

  1. Overall dimensions of the body - 4789 x 1938 x 1744 mm.
  2. The wheelbase is 2700 mm.
  3. Clearance - 203 mm.
  4. Number of doors / seats - 5/7.
  5. Vehicle weight - 1965 kg.
  6. Permissible total weight - 2580 kg.
  7. The volume of the fuel tank is 73 liters.
  8. The luggage compartment volume is 419 liters. With folded seats of the third row - 1257 liters, and with two rows of seats removed - 2308 liters.

Characteristics (summary table)

Drive unit Full
Body type SUV
Transmission Automatic (5)
Engine volume, l 3.47
Acceleration to 100 km / h, sec 8.9
Ground clearance, cm 20.3
Max. speed, km / h 207
Length, cm 478.9
Width, cm 193.8
Height, cm 174.4
Total seats 7
Mass, ton 1.965
Max. power, h.p. 240 at 5300 rpm
Max. torque, N * m 332 at 3000 rpm
Type of power plant (motor) V-shaped, 6-cylinder
Fuel AI-91
Supercharger Not
Consumption per 100 km in the urban cycle, l. 13.7
Consumption per 100 km in the extra-urban cycle, l. 10.1

Advantages of the model

As a representative of the premium segment in the crossover class, the 1st generation Acura MDX has a whole set of advantages that allow this model to remain among the leaders in the aftermarket for many years. Among the main advantages of the car, its owners distinguish:

  1. High reliability.
  2. Good handling.
  3. Powerful engine.
  4. Spacious salon.
  5. High level of comfort.
  6. Good dynamics.
  7. Maintainability.
  8. Warm interior.
  9. Quick start of the engine in winter.
  10. Huge trunk.
  11. Large ground clearance.
  12. Four-wheel drive.

Disadvantages of the model

Despite the premium status, the 2001 Acura MDX has some drawbacks, which, however, cannot be decisive when choosing this model. The main ones, according to motorists, are:

  1. Expensive service.
  2. Rigid chassis.
  3. High gas mileage.
  4. Automatic transmission problems.
  5. Low liquidity in the secondary market.

Operational problems

Despite its almost 20 years of age, the crossover has a high quality paintwork, and therefore it is quite rare to find a car with visible chips and scratches. Still, some flaws can be found. Small patches of rust can be seen at the bottom of the tailgate, on the front of the bonnet and on the rear wheel arches. The side window guides are also susceptible to corrosion.



The 243-horsepower 3.5-liter petrol engine is quite reliable and does not cause problems for motorists, provided that all service recommendations are followed and high-quality fuels and lubricants are used. The timing belt is driven by a toothed belt, which must be replaced every 100 thousand km. Any noticeable problems begin to arise after 100 thousand kilometers of the covered path. At 150 - 250 thousand km. replacement of pillows will be required. The fastest to rent is the front cushion, which is the most expensive in the kit. At 250 - 300 thousand, oil leakage through the rear crankshaft oil seal is possible.


If the interruptions in the operation of the power unit are becoming more obvious, then most likely you will need to clean or replace the EGR valve, flush the throttle valve and clean the exhaust manifold. All this is a consequence of the poor quality of domestic gasoline. In order to prevent serious problems with the engine, it is necessary every 100 thousand km. adjust the valve clearances. Spark plugs are relatively reliable, but they are unlikely to be able to travel more than 50 thousand kilometers. When purchasing a car on the secondary market, you can be fairly confident in the quality of the power unit, since it has a large resource before overhaul.



A 5-speed hydromechanical "automatic" is used as a transmission on the car. Many owners note the incorrect operation of the unit, which is expressed in jerks and jerks when switching speeds. The main reasons for such a malfunction are failures in the software of the transmission control unit and the failure of hydraulic lifters. When driving in a metropolis and standing for a long time in traffic jams, the automatic transmission may overheat. To avoid troubles and extend the service life of the unit, the manufacturer recommends at least once every 60 thousand km. change the oil in the box.


The plug-in all-wheel drive system works quite reliably when used in urban environments. If you use the crossover as a full-fledged SUV, subjecting it to extreme loads, then it is likely that you will not be able to avoid expensive transmission repairs.


Suspension and steering

With all its advantages, the car cannot please its owner with the reliability of the suspension and the long service life of its individual elements. Traditionally, for this type of suspension, bushings and stabilizer struts are the first to fail. As a rule, this happens already at 50 thousand kilometers. No more than 70 - 90 thousand km. will serve ball joints, front shock absorbers and thrust bearings. Long enough, about 150 - 170 thousand, the front and rear levers will last.


Rear shock absorbers are not reliable, which may need to be replaced after 30 thousand km. mileage. Brake discs are also not durable, which, as a rule, are changed together with pads every 40-50 thousand km. After 200 - 300 thousand kilometers, the suspension springs sag. Front wheel bearings will last 150 - 200 thousand kilometers, rear - 250 - 300 thousand.


The steering mechanism of the crossover is highly reliable and, as a rule, the first 150-200 thousand does not present any surprises. Replacement of steering rods and tips must be done every 100 - 120 thousand km.


Other disadvantages

After 250 - 300 thousand km. mileage may damage the central monitor and the navigation unit. Due to the fact that the supply wire burns out, the heating of the driver's seat quickly fails. There are also malfunctions in the airbag control unit.


Recommended for purchase

The lack of alternatives when choosing a power unit and transmission removes additional problems when buying a model on the secondary market. And if the engine of the first generation crossover works quite reliably, then the automatic transmission is capable of delivering serious trouble to its owner. Therefore, this car is more suitable for drivers who practice a calm driving style with a high level of comfort, and not for those who like extreme entertainment.


Average market value

After analyzing the reviews of real buyers and owners and having studied the advertisements posted on the Internet for the sale of Acura MDH 1st generation, we can conclude that today this model can be bought on the secondary market for an average of 310 thousand rubles. However, this price is not accurate, since each option is individual and is considered taking into account such indicators as technical condition, mileage, configuration and region of sale of the model.


Options and prices (summary table)

Equipment Engine Volume, l Power, h.p. Checkpoint Drive unit Acceleration to 100 km / h, c. Max. speed, km / h Consumption per 100 km, l Price, rub.
3.5 AWD AT petrol 3.47 240 machine full 8.9 207 13.7 / 10.1 / 11.9 N / A
3.5 AWD AT Touring Package petrol 3.47 240 machine full 8.9 207 13.7 / 10.1 / 11.9 N / A

What else should you pay attention to?

As a representative of the premium crossover class, the car certainly attracts a lot of interest from many motorists. However, the age of this model and expensive maintenance are its main drawbacks. Therefore, considering the Acura MDX as the main option, potential buyers will not be superfluous to pay attention to the popular crossovers of famous world leaders in the automotive industry, presented on the secondary market in the price category up to 300 thousand rubles. Among them are: SsangYong Kyron, Chevrolet Trailblazer, Range Rover and Mitsubishi Pajero.

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