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2018 Acura RDX - configurations, prices, photos and specifications
2018 Acura RDX - configurations, prices, photos and specifications

When looking for a large crossover, you should pay attention to the proposal of the Japanese car industry, which is presented by the updated Acura RDX 2018. The new version of the car was presented to the world public quite recently in the form of a concept, but it is assumed that it will be in this form that the crossover will go on sale. The brand in question is relatively low in popularity, the new car is made in a modern style and has all modern technologies. The model will initially ship in the US for about $ 40,000. The start of sales in Russia has not yet been specified.


To begin with, we note that the car will be delivered with full or only front-wheel drive. Therefore, you should pay attention to this point. The features of the technical characteristics include the following points:

  • So far it is known that a gasoline engine with a turbine will be installed.
  • According to the automaker, a new 10-speed automatic transmission will be installed on the crossover, which, by dividing the torque, will reduce fuel consumption.
  • The proprietary all-wheel drive suspension system will be installed with a differential that has been significantly redesigned. Due to its refinement, 150% of the torque will be transmitted to the chassis more than on the previous version of the car.
  • For a surcharge, it will be possible to install shock absorbers that can operate in 4 main modes.

The above information indicates that the crossover will only ship with one motor. This moment can be called a significant disadvantage of the proposal. Of course, after the start of sales, they can significantly expand the range of installed motors.

2018 Acura RDX exterior


The new generation of the crossover turned out to be very attractive. It should be borne in mind that the design was developed in America. The exterior has the following distinctive features:

  • The front part turned out to be massive, has a large false radiator grille, which is edged with chrome.
  • When inspecting a car, you can immediately pay attention to the head optics, which were created using only LEDs.
  • The front bumper is also intricately shaped. It looks very attractive.
  • The side body looks laconic; a powerful splash can be noted above the front wheel arches. In addition, the dynamism and other qualities of the body are marked by powerful splashes of ribs.
  • The side doors got very massive, which is associated with the large size of the body. Also unusual can be called the way the C-pillar is framed.
  • The rear end is even more attractive. To begin with, let's note the modern lanterns that are produced using diodes. The tailgate itself has a pronounced recess, which is reserved for the number plate.

As previously noted, this is believed to be the final design of the new crossover. It turned out to be very interesting and modern, as well as competitive.



In comparison with its predecessor, the interior has been completely redesigned. At the same time, designers and engineers decided not to adhere to general canons, but to create something truly new. The result is the following interior:

  • The central part of the console immediately catches the eye, since it is made in a very unusual way. An example is the fact that the joystick for controlling some functions is angled and recessed into the panel with numerous keys. Due to this, a feeling of hovering of this element is created.
  • Quite a few functions are carried with the display of the multimedia system. The screen itself is touch-sensitive, but if you wish, you can control the main functions using a mechanical joystick.
  • A very unusual solution is the fact that the climate control unit is located high. It also has a small analogue display for displaying the set parameters.
  • Much attention was paid to the key, which is responsible for connecting the all-wheel drive. It is highlighted in much the same way as the multifunction joystick.
  • The instrument cluster is represented by several indicators, analogue scales, and a color display capable of displaying highly complex graphics. Note that the designers tried to make the display as a background, that is, not to highlight it too much. This method of decorating the instrument panel is used today by leading car manufacturers.
  • The steering wheel is multifunctional, has a fairly large number of keys and scroll wheels, switches in the form of a toggle switch.
  • The tunnel that divides the front seats has been set aside for a large enough box. In addition, the armrest is also designed as a box.
  • The seats are sophisticated in design to ensure maximum ride comfort.
  • Little attention was paid to the back row. From comfort, it can only be noted that the unit with climate control deflectors was removed to ensure a more efficient air supply.

In addition, in the top version, the interior of the crossover should be sheathed with Nappa leather, use natural veneer, aluminum and soft plastic with a pleasant texture when finishing. Therefore, we can say that the salon corresponds to a very high class.


Configuration and prices Acura RDH 2018 in a new body

The new Acura RDH 2018 should become a striking representative of the class of full-size crossovers. At the same time, designers and engineers tried to provide their buyer with a new car that differs from the previous generation as much as possible. Among the available options, we note:

  1. Sports multifunction wheel. The engineers tried to transfer most of the control keys to the steering wheel, which allows the driver to control many functions without taking his hands off. This significantly increases driving comfort and safety.
  2. A floating display of the multimedia system measuring 10.2 inches will be installed in the center of the console. Note that it is touch-sensitive, despite the fairly large number of control units located below.
  3. For a significant increase in comfort, a 710-watt audio system is installed in the cabin. It was developed by Panasonic to provide a 3D sound effect.
  4. A set of various systems, which is called AcuraWatch, is responsible for safety. It allows you to comfortably drive a car in almost any weather conditions.
  1. In the top-end configuration, the car will also have a panoramic roof with a sunroof, which will also provide comfort.
  2. The installed multimedia system will have a fairly wide range of functions: from Wi-FI to a wireless synchronization system for mobile devices.
  3. To increase safety, they will also install an all-round visibility system, front and rear parking sensors, as well as many other systems for informing the driver about the current situation around the car.

It is easy to guess that in a similar configuration, the 2018 Acura RDX, the photo of which is presented in this material, will cost like a presentable sedan. How long will it take to buy the updated Acura RDH 2018 model in Russia is still difficult to say.

Main competitors


On sale you can find just a huge number of large crossovers of a presentable class. This is due to the fact that today not many wealthy buyers pay attention to business sedans due to low cross-country ability and low practicality. With heavy rainfall, it is the crossover that will make you feel comfortable on the road. In addition, many people like the high seating position. Akura's competitors are:

  1. Audi Q7.
  2. BMW X5.
  3. Land Rover Discovery.
  4. Lexus RX.
  5. Mercedes GLE.
  6. Porsche Cayenne.

In the class under consideration, representatives of the German car industry can be called serious competitors. This is due to the fact that they are a kind of sales leaders due to the popularity of the brand and the formed opinion about the solvency of, for example, the owner of the BMW X6. However, the Japanese automaker will also release a good car, which in the top-end configuration should be much cheaper.

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