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The 2022 Audi A4 is a premium family sedan that delivers high levels of safety
The 2022 Audi A4 is a premium family sedan that delivers high levels of safety

The models of the Big German Three are to the liking of almost all motorists, and Russians in this case cannot be called an exception. In particular, the Audi A4 2022 is in demand, which is now presented on the domestic market in sedan and station wagon bodies. This car can be called a serious contender for the BMW 3-Series, Volvo S60, Volkswagen Passat and Mazda 6. In Russia, the German car is sold in four trim levels with a price tag of 2,845,000 to 3,810,000 rubles for the Base and Sport series, respectively.


For what, in reality, many compatriots love the Audi A4 2022 car in a new body, it is for its excellent technical characteristics. Of course, the model has rich equipment, interesting configurations, high prices and a spectacular design, which can be estimated from the photo in the article, however, it is the key indicators that deserve close attention, since in this regard the sedan is superior to most of its "classmates".


Russians can buy such a car with three power units of different capacities to choose from, namely:

  • with a 2.0-liter petrol turbo engine with 150 forces and 270 N * m of torque (used in the most affordable versions);
  • with a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with 190 hp. and 320 N * m of the moment;
  • with a 2.0-liter gasoline unit with a 249 hp turbocharger. and 370 N * m of torque (used in the most expensive series).

The sedan is sold only with a 7-speed robot in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions with the following dimensions:

  • length - 4,762 mm;
  • width - 1847 mm;
  • height - 1,428 mm;
  • wheelbase - 2 820 mm;
  • ground clearance - 140 mm;
  • curb weight from 1 440 to 1 545 kg.

The German five-seater model received a trunk of 460 liters, as well as a 54-liter fuel tank. On average, a sedan spends 6 - 7 liters of fuel (AI-95 gasoline) per 100 kilometers. This car is distinguished by excellent dynamics with acceleration from zero to hundreds in 5, 8 - 8, 9 seconds, as well as a "maximum speed" of 225 - 250 km / h, depending on the modification.


Options and prices

Today in Russia the Audi A4 2022 model is presented in Base, Advance, Design and Sport trim levels. Rates for a car with 150-horsepower engines range from 2,825,000 to 3,095,000 rubles. Versions with 190-horsepower internal combustion engines will cost 3,120,000 - 3,390,000 rubles. All-wheel drive variations with 249-horsepower motors will cost the buyer 3,540,000 - 3,810,000 rubles.



In this configuration, the car is sold at a price of 2,825,000 to 3,540,000 rubles, depending on the power unit. The model has rich equipment, including in the base such options as:

  • start-stop system;
  • support for manual gear shifting;
  • electric power steering;
  • aluminum 17-inch wheels;
  • regenerative braking system;
  • electronic parking brake with automatic activation;
  • front LED headlights, DRL, front fog and rear lights;
  • rain and light sensors;
  • side mirrors with repeaters, electric drive and electric heating;
  • heat-shielding glazing;
  • multifunction steering wheel;
  • steering column adjustable in two planes;
  • 7-inch color display on the tidy;
  • fabric seat upholstery;
  • dividing armrest in front;
  • heated front seats;
  • power windows front and rear;
  • central locking with remote key;
  • heated washer nozzles;
  • cooled box for gloves;
  • front, side airbags, curtains;
  • switch for driving modes;
  • Cruise control;
  • tire pressure monitoring system;
  • front and rear parking radars;
  • climate control;
  • acoustic system for 8 speakers;
  • multimedia system with LCD screen 10, 1 inches;
  • rear view camera;
  • salon mirror with anti-glare effect;
  • mirrors in sun visors;
  • immobilizer and alarm;
  • incomplete spare wheel.

In general, the prices and equipment of the station wagon model practically do not differ from the sedan. If necessary, you can equip the model even in the database with numerous special stages for a fee.



Depending on the selected power unit and drive type, the Audi A4 2022 in this configuration will cost the future owner 2,935,000 - 3,650,000 rubles. Here, the equipment additionally includes such options as: combined seat upholstery, electric steering wheel heating, separate three-zone climate control, luggage compartment lighting.



For a German sedan in this generation you will have to pay 2,985,000 - 3,700,000 rubles. In terms of equipment, this version is practically no different from the previous version. The difference lies in the fact that here the sedan gets a unique design around the perimeter using a special plastic body kit.



Another modification costing 3,095,000 - 3,810,000 rubles. Here, the manufacturer provides for a more effective and attractive sports body kit, combined with 18-inch alloy wheels. As with any trim level, the Sport version offers additional equipment options to suit your budget. For example, you can equip car navigation, sunroof, keyless entry, premium sound system.


Options and prices (summary table)

# Equipment Model years Cost, rub. Drive unit Transmission Engine, cc cm Acceleration from 0 to 100, s Max. speed, km / h Power, max., H.p. (kW) at rpm Combined fuel consumption in l / 100 km
1 2.0 35 TFSI S tronic October 2020 - 2825000 Front RKPP 7 1984 8.9 210 150 (110) / 6000 5, 7
2 2.0 35 TFSI S tronic Advance October 2020 - 2935000 Front RKPP 7 1984 8.9 210 150 (110) / 6000 5, 7
3 2.0 35 TFSI S tronic Design October 2020 - 2985000 Front RKPP 7 1984 8.9 210 150 (110) / 6000 5, 7
4 2.0 35 TFSI S tronic Sport October 2020 - 3095000 Front RKPP 7 1984 8.9 225 150 (110) / 6000 5, 7
5 2.0 35 TFSI S tronic Edition One 2020 - october 2020 2955000 Front RKPP 7 1984 9.2 220 150 (110) / 6000 6
6 2.0 40 TFSI S tronic October 2020 - 3120000 Front RKPP 7 1984 7.1 241 190 (140) / 6000 6, 5
7 2.0 40 TFSI S tronic Advance October 2020 - 3230000 Front RKPP 7 1984 7.1 241 190 (140) / 6000 6, 5
8 2.0 40 TFSI S tronic Design October 2020 - 3280000 Front RKPP 7 1984 7.1 241 190 (140) / 6000 6, 5
9 2.0 40 TFSI S tronic Sport October 2020 - 3390000 Front RKPP 7 1984 7.1 241 190 (140) / 6000 6, 5
10 2.0 45 TFSI quattro S tronic October 2020 - 3540000 Full (4WD) RKPP 7 1984 5.8 250 249 (183) / 6000 7
11 2.0 45 TFSI quattro S tronic Advance October 2020 - 3650000 Full (4WD) RKPP 7 1984 5.8 250 249 (183) / 6000 7
12 2.0 45 TFSI quattro S tronic Design October 2020 - 3700000 Full (4WD) RKPP 7 1984 5.8 250 249 (183) / 6000 7
13 2.0 45 TFSI quattro S tronic Sport October 2020 - 3810000 Full (4WD) RKPP 7 1984 5.8 250 249 (183) / 6000 7

* - information on prices is for reference only. Check with your local dealer for the exact cost.


Each manufacturer from the "big German three" cares about their reputation and the safety of their customers, therefore, these companies produce reliable models that will be able to protect the driver and passengers in a traffic accident. Audi vehicles are distinguished by thoughtful to the smallest detail of safety, which is expressed in the mandatory presence of all the necessary equipment, including six or more airbags in the Audi A4 2022, as well as in the use of advanced electronics that can partially take over control of the driving situation. In addition, this model has a sturdy and well-thought-out body. The sedan scored an impressive five-star rating in EuroNCAP crash tests.


Handling and off-road performance

Although we are talking about a passenger city model with a ground clearance of 140 mm, this does not detract from the dignity of a car that can overcome significant obstacles in its path, both on rough terrain and dirt roads, and in snow. The German model received a balanced control with immediate reaction of the wheels to the driver's actions. Separately, it should be mentioned that the car confidently holds the road, regardless of the speed, and in addition, it demonstrates excellent maneuverability.


Advantages and disadvantages

To decide for yourself whether this model is worthy of attention or is it better to take a closer look at the competitors, you can identify the main advantages of the car:

  • compliance with the Euro-6 standard;
  • excellent dynamics;
  • good cross-country ability for a passenger car;
  • excellent handling;
  • spectacular appearance;
  • luxurious interior furnishings;
  • rich technical equipment;
  • moderate fuel consumption.

It is also impossible to ignore the obvious disadvantages, of which two can be distinguished: the high cost of the car and the expensive subsequent maintenance.



The German car in the back of the B9 has kept the traditions of the Audi brand and received a classic style with additions in the form of a number of new-fashioned design solutions. The model looks impressive and stylish around the entire perimeter. When looking at a car, you will not be able to highlight flaws or unnecessary elements that could spoil the overall picture. The exterior is worked out to the smallest detail, and this guarantees the driver close attention when driving in general traffic. Salon "German" is made according to the standard with the use of high-quality and expensive materials, the use of decorative elements, branded practicality and the introduction of a certain number of high-tech elements.


Sales start

The Audi A4 sedan has been loved by Russian motorists for a long time, which is why this model is still one of the leaders in sales in the segment of premium cars. The A4 was first presented for Russia in November 2011. In the first generation, the manufacturer set a recognizable silhouette, which still receives only cosmetic additions. In the current generation in the fifth generation, cars were shown at the end of spring 2019, and free sales started only from September 2020. Throughout the entire time, the model is sold in sedan and station wagon bodies. Also, convertibles were once on sale.



This car has many rivals in Russia, among which it is necessary to mention the following models:

  • BMW 3-Series;
  • Volvo S60;
  • Mazda 6;
  • Volkswagen Passat.

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