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Comfort at the level of the BMW 7-Series at the price of the base 5-Series: Hyundai brought the new 2022 Genesis G80 to Russia
Comfort at the level of the BMW 7-Series at the price of the base 5-Series: Hyundai brought the new 2022 Genesis G80 to Russia

In the Russian market, there is a certain demand for luxury cars, which is why a large-scale competition between the three German brands Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz has developed in this segment, however, these manufacturers are not the only ones who make vehicles aimed at a wealthy part of the population. Also, a subsidiary of Hyundai Genesis is engaged in the production of luxury cars, which is already ready to offer compatriots interesting models, including the Genesis G80 2022, which can be bought in one of five configurations at a price of 3,800,000 (Business) - 5,800,000 rubles (Elite). The car can be called a direct competitor for Volvo S90, BMW 5-Series, Audi A6, Mercedes-Benz E-Class.


The Genesis G80 2022 car is interesting not only for its most elaborated configurations and not the highest prices, but also for other points. For example, this model stands out in the current generation with its ultra-modern appearance (you can evaluate the design from the photo in the article). It is also worth mentioning that the car in the new body has excellent technical characteristics, and in this regard is not inferior to its European competitors.


At the moment, in Russia, you can buy a sedan in the second generation with two power units to choose from. The following engines are installed on the car:

  • 2.5-liter 249-horsepower gasoline power unit with a turbocharger with 422 Nm of torque;
  • 3.5-liter turbocharged engine with 379 hp and 530 N * m of torque.

A more powerful engine is installed only in the most expensive configurations. Only four-wheel drive versions with an 8-speed automatic transmission are on sale. This car boasts the following dimensions:

  • length - 4,995 mm;
  • width - 1 925 mm;
  • height - 1 475 mm;
  • wheelbase - 3,010 mm;
  • clearance - 150 mm;
  • curb weight - 2 055/2 145 kg. (depends on modification).

The five-seater executive class sedan has not only a spacious interior, but also a capacious trunk of 424 liters. The fuel tank holds up to 73 liters of fuel (AI-95 gasoline is used). On average, a car will spend 9, 2 - 10, 7 liters of fuel per 100 km of travel. We should also mention the dynamics of the G80 with acceleration to hundreds in 5, 1 -6, 5 seconds and a maximum speed of 240 - 250 km / h, depending on the modification. This "Korean" complies with the Euro-5 environmental standard.


Options and prices

South Korean car Genesis G80 2022 is sold in Russia in five trim levels Business, Advance, Premium, Luxury and Elite. The cost of a sedan on the domestic market ranges from 3,800,000 to 5,800,000 rubles. The price tag is significantly influenced by the equipment chosen by the potential buyer, as well as the power unit provided by the manufacturer.



No matter how strange it may sound, but this particular configuration is the basic one. In the Business version, the car is presented only with a 2.5-liter engine and will cost the buyer 3,800,000 rubles. The manufacturer has provided the following options here:

  • support for manual gear shifting;
  • electric power steering;
  • light-alloy 19-inch wheels;
  • electronic parking brake;
  • LED headlights, DRL, fog and rear lights;
  • rear fog lights;
  • additional brake light;
  • sensors for rain, light and outside air temperature;
  • side mirrors with electric drive and electric heating;
  • heat-shielding glazing of the passenger compartment;
  • button to start the engine in the car;
  • multifunctional 8-inch screen on the dashboard;
  • multifunctional steering wheel;
  • steering column adjustable in two planes;
  • leather seat upholstery;
  • front seats with lumbar support;
  • dividing armrests front and rear;
  • electric front seats;
  • heated front seats;
  • central locking with remote control;
  • keyless entry system to the salon;
  • power windows front and rear;
  • front, side, curtain and knee airbags for the driver;
  • cruise control with steering wheel control buttons;
  • tire pressure monitoring system;
  • front and rear parking sensors;
  • separate two-zone climate control;
  • audio system with 9 speakers;
  • multimedia system with a 14.5-inch touch screen;
  • standard navigation system;
  • rear view camera;
  • self-dimming rear-view mirror;
  • spare part-size wheel;
  • mirrors in sun visors.

Separately, it is worth mentioning that the equipment of the South Korean luxury car Genesis G80 2022 includes many systems that are responsible for safety and control of movement.



Another complete set of the Korean car, which is sold only with a 249-horsepower engine. Such a sedan will cost a potential buyer 4,070,000 rubles. Here, in turn, the manufacturer has provided for the presence of such additional options as: paddle shifters for gear shifting, electric luggage compartment lid, electric heated steering wheel, travel mode switch, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, high beam control system.



As in previous situations, you can buy such a car only with a 2.5-liter engine with a price tag of 4,470,000 rubles. Here, the manufacturer provides for such additional options as: a door closer, a head-up display on the windshield, electric heating of the rear seats, ventilation for the front seats, seat memory, a wireless charger in the car interior, 360-degree view cameras.



The Genesis G80 2022 car in this configuration can be bought for 4,700,000 and 5,300,000 rubles with 2.5 and 3.5-liter power units, respectively. In this version, the sedan received such additional options as: 20-inch aluminum rims, a digital instrument panel with a 12.3-inch LCD screen, decorative aluminum trim, a blind spot monitoring system, a separate three-zone climate control, an audio system for 18 speakers.



The richest grade of the "Korean" for today, for which you will have to pay 5,200,000 and 5,800,000 rubles. The car is sold in Russia with engines of 2, 5 and 3.5 liters, respectively. The equipment of the model includes such additional options as: an adjustable sunroof, electric rear seats, electric heating and ventilation of the rear seats, an intelligent parking assistance system, a built-in DVR with two cameras. It is worth noting that this variation, like the previous versions, can be supplemented with some additional options for a fee.


Options and prices (summary table)

# Equipment Model years Cost, rub. Drive unit Transmission Engine, cc cm Acceleration from 0 to 100, s Max. speed, km / h Power, max., H.p. (kW) at rpm Combined fuel consumption in l / 100 km
1 2.5 T-GDI AT 4WD Advance 2020 - 4070000 Full (4WD) Automatic transmission 8 2497 6.5 240 249 (183) / 5800 9, 2
2 2.5 T-GDI AT 4WD Business 2020 - 3800000 Full (4WD) Automatic transmission 8 2497 6.5 240 249 (183) / 5800 9, 2
3 2.5 T-GDI AT 4WD Elite 2020 - 5200000 Full (4WD) Automatic transmission 8 2497 6.5 240 249 (183) / 5800 9, 2
4 2.5 T-GDI AT 4WD Luxury 2020 - 4700000 Full (4WD) Automatic transmission 8 2497 6.5 240 249 (183) / 5800 9, 2
5 2.5 T-GDI AT 4WD Premium 2020 - 4470000 Full (4WD) Automatic transmission 8 2497 6.5 240 249 (183) / 5800 9, 2
6 3.5 T-GDI AT 4WD Elite 2020 - 5800000 Full (4WD) Automatic transmission 8 3470 5.1 250 249 (183) / 5800 10, 7
7 3.5 T-GDI AT 4WD Luxury 2020 - 5300000 Full (4WD) Automatic transmission 8 3470 5.1 250 249 (183) / 5800 10, 7

* - information on prices is for reference only. Check with your local dealer for the exact cost.


The Genesis company works its cars in full, and cares not only about the conditions of comfort for the driver and passengers, but also about safety. In this regard, the Korean premium car is in no way inferior to competitors. Even in the basic version, the model has numerous airbags and all related equipment. It also provides for the presence of many systems responsible for control over the car and the traffic situation while driving. It is worth noting that as a result of a crash test with the participation of the Genesis G80, it was possible to reveal the remarkable reliability and strength of the body. In the EuroNCAP test, the sedan scored five-star ratings.


Handling and off-road performance

Although the speech in this case concerns a five-seater four-wheel drive car, it cannot be considered as a universal vehicle suitable for all occasions. Designed and prepared exclusively for use on paved public roads. On such highways, the "Korean" feels as comfortable and confident as possible, he can please his owner with good handling, as well as impressive dynamic performance.


It is worth mentioning separately that despite its size and impressive weight, the sedan is maneuverable and attractive in terms of handling. In this aspect, the "Korean" does not leave the lot of many, even more expensive competitors.


Advantages and disadvantages

To understand whether the car deserves attention or it is better to take a closer look at the "classmates" instead of it, you can highlight the main advantages of the model, which include the following:

  • reasonable cost and not the most expensive maintenance in terms of costs;
  • spectacular appearance and luxurious interior design;
  • unique design worked out to the smallest detail;
  • excellent handling and dynamic qualities;
  • moderate fuel consumption by today's standards.

It is also worth highlighting some of the obvious shortcomings so that this Korean model does not seem like an ideal car in all aspects. The sedan turned out to be overly spectacular, and it will greatly attract attention. The model is not distinguished by the richest technical equipment among the "classmates".



The new "Korean" will certainly appeal to young and energetic motorists. The most advanced developments and the most daring design solutions were used in the design of this model. That is why the sedan turned out to be daring, spectacular and unusually stylish. Of course, there are some nuances from the predecessor here, however, their use was minimized, which made it possible to roll out almost the most attractive luxury car to date.


The salon of the "Korean" is made in the best traditions of luxury cars with a variety of decorative elements, high-quality finishing materials, and the most practical and competent arrangement of key control components.


Sales start

The luxury "Korean" Genesis G80 was conceived by the manufacturer several years ago, however, the vehicle was fully brought to mind only at the beginning of last year. The premiere for the Russian market took place in March 2020, and after, a few weeks later, free sales of the South Korean sedan in the second generation started.



Among the premium sedans that can compete on equal terms with the Genesis G80 are the following models:

  • Volvo S90;
  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class;
  • Audi A6;
  • BMW 5-Series.

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