Honda has revamped the entire CB500 range. All changes published
Honda has revamped the entire CB500 range. All changes published

Honda has unveiled the updated CBR500R, CB500F and CB500X. All three sports bikes have been upgraded, in fact, according to the same scheme. At the same time, visual differences have been preserved between them.

Honda CB500F

For example, the youth model CBR500R stands out from the rest with sharpened edges that give the bike a sporty look. But every Japanese motorcycle has received 41mm large piston front forks. They improve suspension damping. Rear shock settings have also been revised. The changes here have been made to match the specifications of the front forks.

Honda cb500x

All three Japanese models have a new, lighter swingarm in the rear. However, it turned out to be stiffer and more flexible than the pre-reform bikes. Thanks to this innovation, Japanese models have improved cornering and handling characteristics.

Honda CBR500R

For the Honda CBR500R, the developers have prepared lightweight 5-spoke wheels that are combined with 256mm brakes and twin-piston calipers from Nissin. On the CBR500R and CB500 F models, the weight offset has been slightly shifted forward, which has a positive effect on traction.


All three Japanese models are equipped with the same engine, which develops no more than 47 hp. power. But Honda engineers have updated the injection system for this unit, which, according to the official statement, improves the transmission of thrust at medium revs. All three bikes also received a new radiator, which is 100 grams lighter than the previous one. In addition, the CB500X has been fitted with LED headlights, which Honda says are brighter.

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