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New crossover Genesis GV60 2021 revealed long before the official presentation: Hyundai is preparing an unusual model
New crossover Genesis GV60 2021 revealed long before the official presentation: Hyundai is preparing an unusual model

Crossover Ioniq 5 opened a new direction for Hyundai in the development of the model range, built on the basis of the E-GMP platform. This electric car was the first in a series of electric cars that the Korean concern will release over the next four years. The second model to join the lineup soon will be the premium crossover Genesis GV60 2021-2022. Little is known about him to date. But thanks to spy photos, the independent designer managed to recreate the exterior of the new premium crossover. Published renderings reveal a non-Genesis model.



The renders presented show that the first Genesis electric car will look different from other models of this premium brand. In particular, the novelty will lose the front lights, made in the form of two LED strips. They will be replaced by large headlights with four sections of LED lights. However, in order to preserve the overall corporate style. the head optics will be divided by a metal insert into 2 segments.

Based on spy photos, the front pillars of the Korean model are heavily piled back. And the renders show that the car will receive a raised hood with developed side "waves". Both solutions are likely to improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the body, which is important for an electric car. Interestingly, the Genesis GV60 2021-2022 presented in the renders has a proprietary grille with a coarse mesh formed from intersecting metal strips. The serial version of the Korean electric car may lose this part, although this has not yet been officially confirmed.

But now we can say with confidence that the new Genesis GV60 will receive a sports front bumper, decorated in approximately the same style as the presented concept. The body kit here is complemented by a long air intake, which is divided into several segments due to metal plates. On the sides of it are relatively compact ventilation openings, and the air intakes are, as it were, emphasized by another metal bar running from the bottom of the front bumper.


The new Genesis GV60 2021-2022 has an emphatically coupe-like body with a gently sloping roofline that merges into compact C-pillars. For this reason, the Korean model's stern glazing was narrow. But at the back of the novelty there is a developed spoiler. Moreover, this part should appear on the serial electric crossover, as it was previously noticed on the test prototype.


Despite the fact that the technical characteristics of the new Genesis GV60 2021-2022 have not been confirmed, it is already known that the crossover will share the platform with the recently debuted Ioniq 5. In this regard, it can be assumed that both models will receive the same motors. However, the new Genesis GV60 is likely to be released exclusively in four-wheel drive version with two powertrains.

The Korean electric crossover will receive 2 engines, which will be located on the front and rear axles. Their combined output is likely to be about 306 hp, and the torque will reach 605 N * m. These characteristics can boast 2 engines, which are installed on the Ioniq 5. Genesis GV60 will be equipped with a battery that provides a cruising range of over 500 kilometers. This battery supports fast charging. It is stated that in five minutes it can make up for the lack of energy, which will be enough to overcome 100 kilometers.

Timeline for market entry

The exact timing of the start of sales of the new Genesis GV60 has not yet been announced. It is expected that production of the car will begin in October this year. Accordingly, the car will enter the home market 1-2 weeks after that.

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