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2021 Cadillac CT6 - best-in-class premium sedan
2021 Cadillac CT6 - best-in-class premium sedan

The Cadillac CT6 is a premium full-size sedan produced by Cadillac, a luxury US division of General Motors. For the first time this model was shown during the New York Auto Show in 2015. And already in the spring of 2016, it was announced the start of car sales in the United States. The sales geography of this model is wide enough. The car is available in the car markets of North America, Japan, Russia, Europe, Korea and China. In Russia, a restyled version of the first generation of the sedan is currently being sold, available in two trim levels. A 3.6-liter gas engine is installed under the hood of the car, and the price for the 2021 Cadillac ST6 is in the range of 4, 9-5, 69 million rubles. The list of rivals for this model is very small, it includes: Audi A6, BMW 5-Series, as well as Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Options and prices

Restyling of the American model seriously changed the exterior of the sedan, although it did not lead to the appearance of a completely new body. The developer has revised the complete sets of cars, but the main technical characteristics of the American have not changed. As for the prices for the new 2021 Cadillac CT6, they have increased. All current photos of the premium sedan are available in this review.



As a basic variation of the sedan, the manufacturer offers the Sport modification, the price of which is 4.9 million rubles. In the list of the main features of the auto manufacturer included:

  • 20-inch alloy wheels;
  • electric power steering;
  • all sedan optics with LED filling;
  • rain and light sensors;
  • electric mirrors with a heating system;
  • chrome-plated door handles;
  • an electric boot lid lock, as well as a contactless system for opening it;
  • built-in rear window heating;
  • electric sunroof and panoramic roof;
  • multifunction steering wheel trimmed with leather;
  • adjustment of the positions of the steering wheel in different planes;
  • instrument panel display 12.3 inches;
  • the ability to display the speedometer indicators on the windshield in the form of a projection;
  • power unit start button;
  • leather upholstery of the seats;
  • the use of decorative inserts made of metal and wood in the interior;
  • front seats with built-in lumbar support and height adjustment;
  • two armrests;
  • branded rugs;
  • electric drive, ventilation and heated front seats;
  • heated rear seats;
  • system for storing the settings made;
  • central locking;
  • keyless access to the salon;
  • front and rear power windows;
  • heated steering wheel;
  • electrical connector;
  • wireless charging for mobile devices;
  • a full set of airbags in the car;
  • anti-lock braking system;
  • brake system assistant;
  • electronic control of car stability;
  • anti-slip;
  • an assistant in charge of finding the car in the occupied lane;
  • switch between built-in driving modes;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • adaptive light;
  • night pedestrian recognition system;
  • a sensor responsible for monitoring the situation in the "blind" zones;
  • an assistant capable of recognizing road signs;
  • sensor for determining the level of pressure in the wheels;
  • front and rear parking assistants;
  • intelligent assistant during parking;
  • an assistant with a built-in automatic braking function in case of approaching obstacles;
  • control over driver fatigue;
  • dual-zone climate control;
  • cabin filter;
  • Bose Premium head acoustics and 10 speakers;
  • touchscreen 10, 2-inch multimedia control display;
  • navigation;
  • all-round cameras;
  • on-board computer;
  • LED interior lighting;
  • immobilizer;
  • signaling;
  • spare wheel - "dokatka".


The Platinum variation, the price of which is 5.69 million rubles, received the following additional services:

  • the ability to adjust the position of the seats in 20 directions;
  • electric drive for rear seats;
  • massage function built into the chairs;
  • four-zone climate control;
  • built-in monitors in the backs of the front seats are offered for passengers;
  • Bose Panaray audio system, as well as 34 speakers;
  • cabin air ionizer.

Options and prices (summary table)

# Equipment Model years Cost, rub. Drive unit Transmission Engine, cc cm Acceleration from 0 to 100, s Max. speed, km / h Power, max., H.p. (kW) at rpm Combined fuel consumption in l / 100 km
1 3.6 AT AWD Platinum 2019 - 5 690 000 Full (4WD) Automatic transmission 10 3649 6.6 240 335 (246) / 6900 9, 8
2 3.6 AT AWD Sport 2019 - 4 900 000 Full (4WD) Automatic transmission 10 3649 6.6 240 335 (246) / 6900 9, 8


The engine range provided by the American manufacturer for the premium sedan is represented by a single 3.6-liter six-cylinder petrol engine, delivering up to 335 horsepower and 386 N * m of torque. The motor is equipped with a start / stop system, as well as an ecological type fully complies with the requirements of the Euro-5 standard. Together with this unit, the manufacturer used an all-wheel drive system and an automatic transmission for 10 gears.


In this version, the sedan is capable of accelerating to the first "hundred" in 6, 6 seconds, and its maximum speed will be 240 km / h. The average fuel consumption, which the manufacturer stated for this model, does not exceed 9.8 liters.


The chassis of the car consists of independent suspensions, built on the basis of a multi-link structure, as well as transverse stabilizers. The brake system is classic and is represented by front and rear disc mechanisms, as well as an electronic "handbrake".


As for the main dimensions of the 2021 Cadillac CT6, here we can note:

  • body dimensions - 5184 x 1880 x 1472 mm;
  • car weight - 1834 kg;
  • wheelbase - 3109 mm;
  • clearance - 140 mm;
  • the number of seats in the cabin - 5;
  • gas tank - 73 liters;
  • trunk volume - 433 liters.

Handling and off-road performance

It is a pleasure to drive the premium American. The main advantage of the car is the installation of the chassis, with the help of which stability is achieved on the occupied trajectory. At any speed, the sedan behaves very confidently, and the presence of an all-wheel drive system allows the car owner not to feel the gigantic dimensions of the body. The only minor drawback of the car is its not very informative steering wheel, which is more sensitive and clear on most of its German competitors.


Given the class in which the American car is presented, one cannot count on its any decent off-road capabilities. Despite the presence of an all-wheel drive system, the sedan is not able to overcome serious obstacles on the way, primarily due to the low ground clearance. The ground clearance of 140 mm allows you to overcome small bumps and irregularities on the road, drive on a not too high curb, but drive on a dirt road during bad weather or driving on rocky terrain of this model will not be able to.


Maintenance costs

The American sedan is a model that cannot be classified as inexpensive to maintain. One of the main items of expenses that the buyer must plan in advance is the annual payment of the transport tax. This amount is in the range of 55-100 thousand rubles and depends on the purchased configuration. The cost of refueling a car for a year, on average, will be 50-70 thousand rubles. You can buy a car insurance policy for 10-12 thousand.


Another type of regular cost is mandatory maintenance, which, in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, should be carried out after every 10 thousand kilometers. Depending on the amount of work, the owner of the American sedan will have to part with the amount of 15-50 thousand rubles.


Dynamic performance and fuel consumption

Despite the downright huge dimensions of the premium sedan, its dynamics can be called quite decent. Cadillac CT6 2021 reaches the first "hundred" in just 6, 6 seconds. This dynamic allows it to outperform many competitors both in city traffic and on the highway. Considering such a powerful and voluminous power unit with which the sedan is equipped, its fuel consumption can be designated as acceptable.



The Cadillac brand has always been considered a symbol of luxury and prosperity. It is under this definition that this model also falls, both outside and inside. The exterior of the sedan looks expensive, but rather unusual. This look is achieved by installing a large radiator grill, the middle of which is filled with a fine mesh structure. The hood lid has received a lot of relief, thanks to which the car looks somewhat defiant. Narrow headlights add to it even more originality, from which strips of LED running lights go down to the bottom.


On the side, it is impossible to note any original solutions, the body has received a classic form, as for a premium sedan. The back also has rounded elements that do not stand out from the general background. The aft lights have a design similar to the headlights.


The interior decoration of the cabin also speaks of its attribution to the premium class models. All finishing elements are of the highest quality and complement each other harmoniously. The front panel is designed in the style of all modern models. The upper part of the console is occupied by the touchscreen display of the multimedia system, below which are the air duct deflectors and the climate control unit. The central tunnel is equipped with a small transmission control selector, a washer for switching between available driving modes, as well as a platform with the ability to wirelessly recharge mobiles. All seats in the cabin are as comfortable as possible and have decent lateral support.


Sales start

A year later, after the restyling, the premium sedan entered dealerships in Russia, where it is currently available for purchase. Auto deliveries to the Russian market are carried out from the facilities of the automaker in the United States.



Despite the fact that the premium car segment is not very widespread, the models that the 2021 Cadillac CT6 have to compete with can boast a very serious status in the market. The main rivals of this car include: Audi A6, BMW 5-Series, Genesis G90, as well as Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

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